3ce bebe color lip balm, pepper: beauty


After trying Stylenanda"s 3CE Matte "Ruby Tuesday" lipstichồng, I wanted khổng lồ try the Bebe Color Lip Balm.

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I chose the shade "Pepper."



I both like & dislike the triangle bullet of this balm. It stands and lies very beautifully, but it"s difficult khổng lồ apply with such intense, flat corners. Most lipsticks come to lớn a point/wedge, which makes getting a clean edge easy. This was not easy.

The coverage is sheer, but you can build the opathành phố in layers quite nicely. It"s a shiny finish, not glossy, và feels very moisturizing without feeling too heavy.

Here is a heavy swatch:



It can be very subtle, but can also give that bitten, popsicle kind of tint. I don"t feel the need to lớn purchase any other Bebe Balms, but I lượt thích this one.

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Have you tried any of the 3CE Bebe Lip Balms?

Thank you for the feature!

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Absolutely, it really feels good! And it"s the epitome of no-makeup makeup, really juicy & doesn"t look lượt thích lipstiông chồng.

Thank you, you"re gorgeous, too!!! Your skin looks amazing! I have so many red spots & acne bumps everywhere without makeup.

It"s such a good brand! I really never gave much thought lớn Asian makeup because it"s such a different concept of being a kiss of color and always natural and glowy. I"m used lớn expecting good makeup being super pigmented mattes & buttery shimmers và goth lipstiông chồng and rich eye palettes, etc.

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Thank you very much!!! I prefer it in one or two layers max on me. Lots of sheer layers just kind of looks patchy since the pigment of my lips is naturally quite uneven.

Thank you so much!!! It"s definitely a really beautiful tint without being too intensely pigmented, or just a gloss, which is what a lot of American & triệu Euro brands vày. I really lượt thích how it completes a face of makeup, but still looks so natural you"d double-take lol

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I definitely love sầu this look. I wasn’t keen on the triangle bullet but I think it might be worth it for this shade :joy: plus haven’t tried 3CE before (I’m waiting for it to go on sale online
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