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My patron singer Santa Mariah, along with Tita Whitney, once quý phái that there can be miracles when you believe. TBchính phủ quốc hội, I immediately ignore any hàng hóa that claims to lớn be miraculous. But thanks lớn all the persuasive sầu marketing và my insecurity of having adult acne, I volunteered my face khổng lồ try the Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA Miracle Toner.


You’ve sầu probably seen ads for the Miracle Toner on your Instagram or Facebook feeds, with its promises to give smoother, cleaner, and more radiant skin after 30 days. This contains alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and poly hydroxy acids to lớn exfoliate skin, and 2% niacinamide to lớn brighten the complexion. It also claims to lớn have 10,000 PPM (parts per million) of tea tree extract, which is a known pimple-fighting ingredient. It is also supposed to be moisturizing & is marketed as a low pH toner.

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I have oily, acne-prone skin. I am currently battling adult acne, which is caused by găng tay and genetics. I also have a lot of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Both issues are currently being treated by my dermatologist, and I sought her approval to try the Miracle Toner before doing this trial.


Before the Miracle Toner trial

To ensure that whatever results I get are from the toner, I cut down on my skincare & replaced my derma-issued products (with my derma’s permission) with the Miracle Toner. So my routine consisted of an oil cleanser (only at night for makeup removal), the Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, the Miracle Toner, the In Her Element Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer/Petal Skin Rose Toning Essence, the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream, & sunscreen (only in the morning).

Once a week, I masked up with the In Her Element Petal Skin Rose Clay Mask. In the middle of the trial period, I ran out of moisturizer và used the toning essence in its place. I tested the Miracle Toner for no less than 30 days, using it as part of my AM & PM routine, without fail.


After Week 1

Week 1

First impression: Wow, this toner smells so much like tea tree! It’s not an irritating scent but it’s definitely a little bit stronger than the CosRX cleanser’s. Because of all the acids in the formulation, I anticipated drying và stinging. But that wasn’t the case - the toner actually felt very hydrating. It has a very watery texture with a bit of thickness.

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I broke out the morning after I started using this. I’m not mad about it; after all, purging is a normal reaction with acid use. By the over of the week though, I noticed that I had breakouts where I don’t usually get them anymore: on my forehead near my hairline, và on my brow bone. I got a really painful pimple near my brow and didn’t experience any brightening so though it was honestly annoying, I continued with the trial.

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Week 2

I started the week with a pop - six, that it is! Half a dozen pimples showed up on my forehead like an annoying headpiece. This to me was a clear sign of purging but I was dying inside since I don’t break out as much on my forehead. This was also my pre-period week so my breakouts are all over the place but I noticed that some of my breakouts looked a little less red.

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