Cấu Hình Tối Thiểu, Đề Nghị Để Chơi Call Of Duty: Warzone Trên Pc

gọi of Duty’s Battle Royale will get a sequel, launching as early as 2023; insiders give sầu their views on release, platforms & nội dung.


Update of 11 February 2022: There’s the thing – or, khổng lồ be precise: Warzone 2 và Modern Warfare 2 have sầu been confirmed. The sad news: there’s still no extensive info, let alone image or trailer footage.

However, the developers have already revealed some interesting details. For example, that Warzone 2 & Modern Warfare 2 have received a new engine and have been developed from scratch.

It’s time for a CallofDuty Special Briefing