If you’re looking for THE NEW ULTIMATE TH5 HYBRID/TROPHY Base 2022!! COC Town Hall 5 (TH5) Trophy Base design – Clash of Clans, then you have come khổng lồ the right place. This base is one of the best bases for coc Town Hall 5 available on YouTube. This Town Hall 5 coc base layout can be used for Farming loot/resources as well as for Trophy pushing. To lớn know more about this TH5 best coc base, continue reading this post.


Hey guys, I’m dark barbarian, welcome lớn another base building post, today are making a new Town hall 5 base, this base too is a hybrid base just like my other base layouts which means that you’ll be able to lớn save your loot while maintaining trophies, khổng lồ know more about how this base works, make sure you go through with the base analysis part where we vày a complete breakdown of the base, so that instead of just copying blindly, you can understand how this base actually works.

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Let’s vì the Base Analysis


As u guys can see, Townhall is well protected in the central part of the base just lượt thích my other hybrid base designs because it is important lớn keep it safe and secure as it is worth one star & has a decent amount of loot in it.


Now coming to lớn the defenses, they are placed in such a way that they cover the whole base and the base remains strong from all the sides.


The mortar, wizard tower, and air defense are the primary defenses at Townhall 5.

Let’s begin with mortar, it is placed in a safe spot near the vi xử lý core right next to a strong defense like wizard tower, from here its range covers all the defenses along with all outer buildings placed on the left side of the base which helps us in dealing with spam attacks like BARCH, GiBarch và Mass goblins that try to barge into our base from that side.


Air defense is also placed at a great spot near wizard tower and its fairly big range covers all the defenses which helps us dealing with air attack armies lượt thích balloons, this air defense paired up with rest of the air attacking defenses like archer towers, makes up for a really solid base against air troops.


Now on lớn the most important defense in this base, the wizard tower is the only splash damage defense at Townhall 5 that can attack both ground & air troops, so we placed it right in the center of the base khổng lồ protect it from the enemy troops, & its range covers the all other main defenses like mortar và air defense, as well as other defenses like this cannon and archer tower.

Next time you build a base or get one from somewhere else, be sure khổng lồ examine how many defenses the wizard tower covers in its range; if it only covers 1 or 2 defenses, you may want to lớn reevaluate its placement.

Archer towers are placed out in such a way that their range covers the whole base, enforcing that the base is effectively protected against air attacks from all sides.

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Cannons occupy the remaining areas in the base, providing a perfect balance that helps us in defending against ground attacking troops.

Storages are spaced out into several compartments, unlike usual bases, which contain most of the storages in a single compartment. Because each store is in its own compartment, the opponent must demolish the entire base to obtain all of the loot.

We’ve also placed the storages alternately, so that even if the opponent takes out this portion of the base, we don’t thua kém all of the storages of the same type of resource. For example, if we put all of the gold storages on this side of the base, the attacker can take almost all of your gold simply by taking out this portion of the base. Và if we are losing loot, it is better to thua trận it in a balanced way rather than losing all of the loot of one kind of resource, so we arrange them alternately, much like our base.

When it comes to trap placement, we have those spring traps there to Throw out some giants out of the battle if someone attacks from these sides.

And those bombs out there so that they can take out the wall breakers, which can potentially ruin the attacker’s funnel because the troops won’t be able lớn go inside the base from this side and will over up going for the outer trash buildings, which will end up ruining the attack, & we’ve placed two of our bombs out there because they somewhat reduce opponents troops health, which helps our wizard tower and mortar during the defense to finish them off.

After observing so many attacks on this base, those air bombs are placed there, và they reduce the health of balloons, which directly helps our air defenses.

When it comes to the outer buildings, I’ve put them alternately in order khổng lồ prevent placing collectors of the same kind too near together. Most people, in my experience, vì not put enough thinking into those outer buildings, so they wind up putting the same kind of collectors altogether. When these collectors are positioned together, they become an obvious target for attackers, thus it’s necessary khổng lồ spread them apart to make it more difficult for opponents lớn take them out.

That’s it for the Base Analysis

One more thing, this base is good enough on its own but make sure you have something in your clan castle for the defense because at lower town halls, defensive clan castle troops are an integral part of the defense, so if you want to boost your success rate, I definitely recommend getting a baby rồng or some valks in your clan castle for defense. That’s it for this video. Now go straight khổng lồ the mô tả tìm kiếm I’ve left a copy link for this base in the description so that you guys can easily copy this base, I’ll see you guys in the next one.


Using clan castle troops for defending your base is highly recommended as they can put the attacker in trouble by distracting them. Even though the base alone is sufficient to stop most of the attacks used by Town Hall 5 attackers, using the clan castle can help a lot. At Town Hall 5 you can get Maximum of 15 housing space in your clan castle, here are some of my recommendations for CC troops combinations for defense at Town Hall 5 :-

1 Valkyrie + 1 Wizard + 3 Archers(Recommended)1 Baby long + 1 Wizards + 1 Archers1 Witch + 3 Archers3 Balloons

Since most people can’t get these troops from their clans, you can also use other troop combinations which are easily available like all wizards, all balloons or any other troop combination but I highly recommend you to lớn have above-mentioned troops for the best defensive experience at Town Hall 5.


Cannons covers the whole base.Centered & well-protected Town hall Air Defense is well protectedStorages are well protected away from one anotherPerfect Spring traps placementBomb well defend against wall breakersGreat against ground and air attacksOptimal for Farming và Trophy PushingArcher Towers cover the whole base


If you want lớn copy this base just click on the Copy Base Button, it will redirect you, from where you can easily copy this base design.