Version: 8.6.1
Operating System: Windows, Android
License: Free
Developer Name: EA Games
Total Downloads: 1,616,507
Category: PC Games
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The only way lớn open this file format on a PC is with an Android emulator. I use Bluestacks because it’s safe và easy khổng lồ use.When the APK file tải về is complete, you can click on it to begin the installation.The Android emulator will automatically unpaông chồng & install the tệp tin.

Bạn đang xem: Plants Vs Zombies™ 2 Free

How to Download Plants vs. Zombies 2 for Android (APK version) for Free

Cliông chồng the Download button on the sidebar, & the HappyMod Plants vs. Zombies 2 download page will open in a new tab.Press the Download APK button, & the file will download to lớn your PC.In order to lớn install the tệp tin on your Android device, you will need to lớn change your settings lớn allow installations from unknown sources. This is usually found in the Settings, under the Privacy & Security options.Locate the APK tệp tin you just transferred and tap it lớn open the file.Confirm you want to install the ứng dụng, và Plants vs. Zombies 2 will install like any điện thoại phầm mềm.

How to Uninstall Plants vs. Zombies 2 from your PC

If Plants vs. Zombies 2 isn’t the right game for you, you can find more free PC games in the alternatives below.

You will need to lớn uninstall Plants vs. Zombies 2 through the Android Emulator program. Since I’m using Bluestacks, I’ll use it for my example.

With Bluestacks open, cliông chồng on the My Games tab.Find Plants vs. Zombies 2, & right-clichồng your mouse.Clichồng the Uninstall liên kết.
Confirm that you want khổng lồ delete the game, and BlueStacks will completely remove it from your computer.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Overview

In the sequel khổng lồ the popular Plants vs. Zombies game, these green, brain-eating zombies can only be stopped by a collection of plants, flowers, potatoes, và other gardening accessories. Unlike the original game, which takes place in front of the main character’s house, now you’ll have sầu to lớn travel around the world and even experience some time travel khổng lồ kill zombies.

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The gameplay requires strategy & the ability lớn think ahead when deciding which seeds khổng lồ plant và what defensive sầu maneuvers you will need to lớn make in order khổng lồ survive sầu.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Features

Even more plants và zombies: More than 100 plants và zombies are waiting for you in this game. It includes some of the original game’s favorites, such as the classic peashooter và sunflower khổng lồ new age flowers like Lady Guava and the tia laze Bean. The new zombies include the crazy Zombie Chicken, the flying Jetpaông xã Zombie, & the Mermaid Imp.Power nguồn Boosts: From fast-growing seeds lớn the Explode-O-Nut that will blow a zombie to lớn bits, there are plenty of new and exciting ways lớn protect your brain from being eaten.Hundreds of levels: Plants vs. Zombies 2 has more than 300 levels, including battles in 11 different worlds, from ancient Egypt to a futuristic space world in the Far Future. You can also play in never-ending zones, mini-games, daily challenges, and play against friends khổng lồ see who can survive the longest.

Free Alternatives to lớn Plants vs. Zombies 2


🤑Is Plants vs. Zombies 2 free?

Follow the instructions above sầu, and I’ll show you lớn tải về a miễn phí hack version of Plants vs. Zombie 2that can be played on your PC.

😇Is it safe to lớn download Plants vs. Zombies 2?

There are many pirated versions of Plants vs. Zombies 2 that can have sầu malicious software included in the software. This is why I recommover that you tải về the mod version through HappyMod. All the apps on its servers are tested for viruses và malware và are proven lớn work.

🤓Do I need an Android emulator to play Plants vs. Zombies 2 on PC?

You only need an Android emulator if you want to lớn tải về the game for không lấy phí. If you decide lớn purchase the game from EA or through Steam, you can get a version of the game that was built for PC.