Review: estée lauder advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex ii

Crystal Andrews is a former contributor for nước Australia and current Deputy Commercial Editor for Daily Mail Australia.

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Rhea Souhleris Grous is the founder of La Suite Skincare & an aesthetics speciadanh sách with more than two decades of skincare experience.

I’ve got a confession khổng lồ make. You know how the kết thúc of January is when most sensible peopleput an over to lớn the indulgences of the festive season: late nights, margaritas and all of that holiday food? One year I just… kept going. By April, my skin was seriously showing the effects of too much junk food và not enough sleep. Dull, uneven, spotty, reactive sầu và with some fine lines in my forehead deepening. Just delightful.

By the time I eventually re-joined the real world witha more balanced diet & regular exercise, my skin was still looking sad. Thankfully, I’d just decided to re-evaluate my skincare routine when the beauty fairy godmothers atEstée Lauder asked if I wanted to lớn try the new formulation of the cult favorite Advanced Night Repair serum. The promise right there in the name that it would repair my sorry skin was all the convincing I needed to give it a go.

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The Product

Given that this iconic sản phẩm is a bit of a classic (it has been around since the 1980s), it’s crazy lớn think that I’d never tried it before. Fun fact: at one point is was the number one selling serum in Australia. The updated Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II is specifically formulated to support the skin"s natural night-time repair process through deep hydration. Plus, it delivers a super-dose of antioxidants to lớn neutralize the free radicals that wreak havoc on our faces daily.


The Trial

To see what ANR Synchronized Recovery Complex II could do, I put myself on a strict, but simple nightly regimen for two weeks (yeah, I’m impatient):

The Verdict

I can’t endorse the hydrating effects enough. ANR feels lượt thích liquid silk & immediately makes my face feel more supple—I’d love it for that alone. But that"s not where the results stop.

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At the end of my two-week experiment, my skin felt completely transformed. It looked much less tired and dull, and every morning after continued use of the serum I wake up to plump,hydrated skin and a much brighter complexion. Plus, it’s comforting to know that I’m boosting my skin"s defenses against environmental damage & the signs of aging. It"s never too early to start with either.

ANR has won a permanent place in my skincare routine, as it already has with women around the world. And if this review hasn’t convinced you, maybe a make-up miễn phí selfie of my revived, glowy face will help?

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