Football is the most popular game in britain


Football in the UK has a tremendous impact. To say football is a way of life for most Brits would be a gross under-statement. It evokes a cấp độ of passion & that can baffle someone who doesn’t tư vấn a football team.

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Choosing a team is often a family affair or a matter of where you live sầu. But once you have chosen a team it is a life-long You will support them through thichồng & thin!


What is the history of football in the UK?

Football’s unwavering popularity in the UK has lasted for centuries. It may have sầu something to bởi vì with the fact that the English invented the sport in 1170 and as any proud Brit will tell you, it is England’s national sport!

The first football club khổng lồ be set-up was Sheffield F.C. in 1857. This was followed by the creation of the Football Association, in 1863, which established the rules of the modern game. And Englvà played its first official international match, in 1872, against

Today, there are over 40,000 registered football clubs in Englvà, almost twice as many as Brazil. Most of the biggest names are in the Premier League & these clubs legions of supporters from around the world.

How is football played?

The game is easy enough to lớn understvà, both as a player và a spectator. You have 11 players in each team. The match lasts 90 minutes, split inkhổng lồ two 45-minute halves. The alặng of the game is khổng lồ by getting the ball past the opposite teams goal keeper and into their goal.

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If after 90 minutes the is equal, the match is a draw. Some games go inkhổng lồ extra time though, which can last up khổng lồ 30 minutes. If the remains tied, the match is either replayed or a penalty shootout can be used to decide the winner.

Simple enough, right? Well yes until you get to the offside rule, which makes most people scratch their head. The rule applies when a player is ahead of all the defenders on the opposite team and the ball is either passed khổng lồ them or they try to lớn interfere with the opponents players. Got that?

Why is football so popular?

It is popular thanks lớn the simplicity of the game. The fact you don’t need much more than a ball to lớn play means it is as popular amongst school children as it is amongst office workers.

It is also a great way lớn know people, both on và off the pitch due khổng lồ the obligatory after-game drink in the pub! You can safely assume most universities,, places of work have sầu a team.

What is the tuy nhiên sung by Brits during the world cup?

British football wouldn’t be without the songs supporters sing at matches. One of the most famous is the one sung by fans of England during the World Cup – Three Lions (Football’s home).