Gigabyte b450 aorus m and b450 aorus elite


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Very nice ATX mobo with integrated I/O shield, good VRM"s, a couple of m.2 slots. Gigabyte BIOS takes a bit of getting used to; there are a few places where you just type in data rather than getting a prompt (such as the overclocking CPU Cloông xã entry), but once you have that figured out, it"s fine.

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Awesome looking motherboard & it has good features including 2 NVMe slots và an integrated I/O shield.


A great looking a feature packed budget board has a nice rgb implementation and has 4 ram slots. It also features dual m.2 & has multiple rgb headers for rgb components. very highly recommover this motherboard.

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Wish this mobo could control icue rgb with rgb fusion 2. But still fine. Too small to lớn install the 3 motherboard mounts near the 24 connector. Made connecting the powersupply more scary than i hoped. More người connectors would be nice. But 3 is sufficient


Cheap B450 board that has most of the bells and whistles you might want.Good wifi connection & compatible out of the box with Ryzen 3000.

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