Honest review: hada labo cleansing oil review


I recently went a few weeks without an oil cleanser, & felt like my whole world was falling apart. You’ll have sầu to lớn forgive sầu my use of hyperbole, but good cleansers, especially oil cleansers, have sầu changed my life skincare routine & turned it upside down.

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One of the reasons that oil cleanser is important is the role it plays in removing sunscreen, impurities, & of course, but in my opinion khổng lồ a lesser extent, makeup. I don’t tover to judge cleansers too much on how they remove makeup as I often find none of them really vì chưng with my waterproof liner – I’ll use cleansing water or eye makeup remover for that step. However, for the rest of my face, the makeup statement rings true.

Think of oil cleansing as ‘like dissolves like’. The oils used in cleansing oils work to dissolve the ‘bad’ oils that hang around on your skin, and dirt along with it. You know that oil & water don’t set from somewhere along the way in your oh so incredibly useful school science years, so it stands khổng lồ reason that water-based cleansers wouldn’t bind with oil in any way, & remove it from your skin.

I am no scientist. But I know when I like things. And I lượt thích oil cleansing.

However, not all oil cleansers are one & the same. In my experience, some are more effective sầu at removing said eye makeup, some are gentler, thinner, thicker – like all skincare, you can find one more suited khổng lồ you và your needs.

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Without further avị, let me present you with the Hadomain authority Labo Gokujyun Oil Cleanser. I’ve sầu used Hada Labo products for what feels lượt thích centuries now, simply because at least one sản phẩm features in my routine at some point, no matter what I’m using. I find Hada Labo generally works wonderfully with my skin, và I appreciate the price of the products, along with their sensible, no frills formulas.

Here’s the ingredients list for their Gokujyun cleanser:

Ethylhexyl palmitate, triethylhexanoin, sorbeth-30 tetraisostearate, PEG-trăng tròn glyceryl triisostearate, olea europaea oil, water, dextrin palmitate, sodium acetylated hyaluronate, hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate, simmondsia chinensis seed oil, BHT

The oils used in this cleansing oil are olea europaea, and simmondsia chinensis seed, otherwise known as olive sầu oil, và jojotía seed oil respectively. Oil of Europe (*chest puffs with pride*) can actually be used alone as a cleansing oil, but I feel a bit icky about grabbing the same stuff I slather all over my tomatoes, so maybe it’s best this way at wonderfully inflated prices. Jojoba oil is pretty comtháng in cleansing oils, và it’s rather suited to sensitive skin thanks to lớn it being non-allergenic. The Gokujyun range claims lớn be great for sensitive sầu skin, although as a dry khổng lồ normal type I can’t vouch for this personally.


The texture of the oil is rather thin và watery for a cleansing oil, và it emulsifies really easily and quickly. Because it’s watery, you might feel that you need to use rather a bit, but a little goes a long way. Conveniently, the bottle is a pump style one, and I usually use one to lớn two pumps when cleansing with it.

I’m actually pretty impressed by the texture of this cleansing oil, considering I really dislike the feeling of oil in my hands…even if just for a little while. I know, I know, that’s a bit of a strange complaint, but it really isn’t pleasant for me to lớn hold a thick oily substance in my hands or rub it between my palms. So when I found that this was rather watery, I was certainly pleased.

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As you rub the hàng hóa inkhổng lồ the skin, it melts away makeup easily và quickly. I love sầu to use it in the shower for ease, but even washing my face in the sink, I find this is pretty fast at removing makeup và eyemakeup as oil cleansers go for me. With waterproof it’s a little harder and I’ve still not managed lớn ever get it all off, but a considerable amount is good enough for me. Here on my h& it all comes off, but eyes don’t behave sầu the same every single time.

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