After losing lớn Aoba Johsai at the Inter-High, the Karasuno High Volleyball Team is working their hardest toward the Spring Tournament. In the meantime, it"s decided that they"ll beheading lớn Tokyo for a training camp with Nekoma High & a handful of other powerful schools.They team is practicing hard, & not day during their run, Hinata và Kageyama get too excited và end up lost, and end up meeting someone rather unexpected...

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They were known as the "Generation of Miracles" – five basketball prodigies who helped lead Teiko Middle School"s basketball team to lớn glory, defeating anyone who got in their way. But a mysterious rumor tells of a sixth, a phantom player who the five prodigies respected greatly. That boy is Tetsuya Kuroko, a freshman at Seirin High và the newest member of the basketball club. Alongside strong teammates such as Taiga Kagami, Kuroko will use his unique skills on the court to help the team defeat old rivals & make their way lớn the championships.

TagsShounenSportsBasketballSchool ClubTournamentsFree! Iwatobi Swim ClubTV (12 eps)Kyoto Animation2013

When Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa & Rin were in elementary school, they swam together in a relay race và won the match. As Rin was on his way to nước australia to train to become an Olympic champion, the gang decided to bury their trophy in a time capsule and retrieve it when they all had grown up. Now, Haruka, Makoto & Nagisa have reunited in high school và decide lớn dig up the prize. But on the way there, they run into none other than Rin, and he"s determined khổng lồ show Haru who"s the best! As a result of this fateful meeting, the three friends decide khổng lồ start a swim club, along with fellow classmate Rei, và their rival"s little sister Gou as the team manager. Can the gang hold their own against Rin and prove their skills at the Prefectural Tournament?

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TagsComedyDramaSportsChildhood FriendsRivalriesSchool ClubSchool LifeSwimmingTournamentsFood Wars! Shokugeki no SoumaTV (24 eps)J.C.Staff2015

Ever since he was little, Souma Yukihira"s main goals have been to lớn beat his father in a cooking contest & take over the family diner. That"s why, when his dad suddenly announces that he"s shutting the restaurant down & sending Souma to lớn cooking school, Souma is shocked. However, Tohtsuki Academy is no ordinary cooking school. This elite institution is filled with culinary giants like Erina "God Tongue" Nakiri, who does her best khổng lồ keep a lowly short-order like Souma from even making it inside the door. However, if the snobs can dish it out, Souma can serve it up, and when he learns that only a handful of the students manage lớn graduate every year, he swears that the only way he"ll leave is as number one!

TagsComedyEcchiShounenAnimeismBoarding HouseCookingCulinary SchoolFood & BeverageNeighborsSchool LifeThe Prince of TennisTV (178 eps)Production I.G2001 - 2005

Meet Ryoma Echizen, the cocky prince of tennis. He comes to nhật bản from America where he is known as the Prince of Tennis – but that is no surprise considering he is the son of the former tennis pro, Nanjiroh Echizen, otherwise known as the Samurai! Upon transferring to the school Seishun Gakuen, he meets the regulars of the tennis club, & becomes the first freshman khổng lồ become a regular; but he has a lot to lớn learn yet about being a tennis star. Ryoma, along with the rest of his teammates, aspire to win the Nationals; but first, they must defeat the other teams which stand in their way!

TagsComedyDramaShounenSportsTennis2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball TeamTV (12 eps)David Production2021

Kimichika Haijima leaves Tokyo behind and returns to his childhood trang chủ where he’s reunited with an old friend, Yuni Kuroba. The two become an ace pair on the volleyball court but at the last tournament before graduation a fight causes the duo khổng lồ split. Now reunited in high school, they are forced khổng lồ mend their relationship in order to achieve their dreams of making it lớn the top.

TagsDramaSportsChildhood FriendsnoitaminASchool ClubSchool LifeTournamentsVolleyballIwakakeru! thể thao Climbing GirlsTV (12 eps)BLADE2020

Sport climbing is a thể thao that makes use of both the toàn thân and the brain to climb walls. Kasahara Konomi, a master at puzzles, just happens khổng lồ discover her school"s climbing wall, và it looks almost lượt thích a colorful sort of puzzle in her eyes. This fateful encounter brings big changes khổng lồ Konomi"s life! With her teammates in the Hanamiya Girls" High School Climbing Club, Konomi races for the top in this passionate climbing story!

TagsSportsSchool ClubSchool LifeTournamentsShoujo Fight: Norainu-tachi no OdekakeOVA (1 ep)Production I.G2009

Ever since that day, Neri Oishi’s resolved not to lớn make friends. She’s fifteen years old và plays volleyball at Hakuunzan Private Academy Middle School, which is known for producing đứng top players of the sport. Neri’s doing everything she can khổng lồ hold herself back, including hiding that she was the captain of a team that took second place in a national tournament when she was in elementary school. While she’s immersed in this team sport, why should Neri have to lớn kill herself? What keeps her from quitting volleyball in spite of that?