Heroes of order & chaos



The purchased thành phầm should give a magic attack, but it does not work to lớn the full. Why? Heroes dealing magic damage with a normal attack receive only 60% of the increase in magic attack from equipment for a normal attack.

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How lớn get new heroes? There are two ways khổng lồ get new heroes. They can be bought in the store at any time for emblems or runes. The second way is to lớn wait for the weekly change of heroes. Every week, six new heroes become free! Thus, you can try lớn play for a variety of characters completely free! Well, there’s also one hero who cannot but cheat ... Therefore, Kotun can only be won in the lottery! Try your luck!

Why vị some heroes not look lượt thích mine? First of all, keep in mind that the trò chơi has a wide variety of characters. Và besides, for each of their heroes, alternative options for coloring armor are available, và for some - elite colors. With the help of a system of skins, your anh hùng can become completely different from everyone else. See for yourself - colors are available in the store!

What is a lottery? Does it have any special prizes? Prizes in the lottery are very different. If you’re lucky, you can even win a unique hero!

How to get more valuable prizes in the lottery? You can win exclusive heroes and skins. For 10 bets you are 100% likely khổng lồ win the skin.

What are fragments of heroes / skins? Having collected 4 fragments of a hero or skin, you can exchange them for the corresponding hero or skin!

How can I get fragments of heroes và skins? Fragments of heroes and skins can be won in the Lottery.


Question: What does player level mean? The higher the màn chơi of the player, there are more talents & skills available to lớn you. Thus, during battles you get some advantage.

How khổng lồ learn talent or special talent? Talents learn from the talent menu. In order to lớn learn some particularly useful talents, you need to lớn not only pay emblems, but also reach a certain level. Talents greatly influence your style of play, choose from carefully!

Question: In what order bởi you learn skills? Watch the situation on the battlefield. In each case, it is worth doing differently. In general, at the initial stage of combat, stunning skills và slowing effects are most often the most useful.

How to quickly raise your level? Stay on the battlefield for as long as possible và kill as many enemy soldiers và heroes as possible.

My anh hùng is constantly defeated. Why? Most likely, your character is using the wrong equipment. Keep in mind that different types of armor and weapons are designed for different fighters.

Is there a way lớn somehow protect my hero? It’s easier to prevent misfortune than lớn fight it! Install the Tinos Wand at the intersection of important roads as a scout and guard.

How to lớn play "gank"? Gank is a special style of play, one might even say the philosophy of the game! The gank game is most like an ambush: this is the strategy of the trò chơi in which the team seeks khổng lồ take the enemy by surprise, surpassing him in number. There are many ways of such a game, for example, ambush in the bushes, you can use the fog of war to lớn surround the enemy, in addition, some heroes have suitable abilities ... How to vày this is up khổng lồ you. Remember the main thing: the recipe for success in a gank is movement unnoticed, superiority over the enemy and competent possession of the skills of your heroes!

Where can I see the detailed statistics of the match? Click on the dashboard during the match to lớn display statistics.

What can I buy in the game? Skins, heroes, special avatars, useful talents, additional experience, emblems, etc.

How to buy items? Make sure you are connected lớn the internet. Select the cửa nhà you want to lớn buy in the store, then click on the price tag icon.


What rewards are given for completing daily quests và unlocking achievements? For the implementation of some of them you will receive emblems and experience, while the execution of others, more complex, is rewarded with runes.

If you skip the daily quest, will there be a reward? You will not receive a reward for a missed task, but you will be given a new task instead of the missed one. This is useful if you find the current task too difficult.

How to lớn get rewards? Complete a quest or unlock an achievement.

How lớn get the best equipment? The more heroes you defeat, the more gold you will get. You can also earn gold by killing soldiers and neutral creatures.

What are neutral creatures for? Defeating neutral creatures will give you experience và gold. And some of them can give you an advantage in battle - for example, they can be used in a gank.

How does the talent system work? When you receive a level, you get 1 talent point (40 levels và 40 talent points, respectively). There are 4 different talent trees available in the game, and you can use any combination when playing with any hero. You can save different combinations of talents on several pages of talents, & then freely switch between them. If the player is in the room, a page switch icon will appear. Thus, you can select the desired talent page. Keep in mind, however, that you can only use one talent page at a time.

How vì chưng tablets and inscriptions work? When using the tablet, an energy scale appears. Each inscription gives a certain type of energy. When the inscription is applied khổng lồ the tablet, the energy level increases. When both types of energy are full, you can awaken the tablet by clicking on the finger-shaped icon.

What is the maximum level? At the moment - 40.

How khổng lồ broadcast live gameplay? Click the Twitch icon và sign in. Now you can stream the gameplay.

How many levels are the leagues broken? How to get a higher rank? The league is divided into 4 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold và Diamond. You can take part in rating games. Winners will receive points; Having gained enough points, the player will receive a higher rank.


Why can’t I start a rating match? lớn participate in rating matches you need a level of at least 10; You must also have at least 7 heroes (for 3 on 3 battles) or 9 (5 on 5) heroes.

During the trò chơi I had problems connecting. Can I return khổng lồ the same match? Yes, you will automatically return as soon as you reconnect lớn the game.

What is the Essence? This is a new game currency, which appeared after 10 updates.

How to lớn use the essence? You can purchase heroes and skin fragments for this currency.

How to lớn get the essence? This currency can be obtained by opening 5 new characters or simply winning the lottery.

Where can I kiểm tra the number of my heroes or fragments of skins? Go to lớn the anh hùng collection section lớn see all the fragments that you possess.

How khổng lồ use streaming games? Click on Twitch & log in to lớn broadcast the game.

How many levels are the leagues broken? How lớn get a higher rank? The league is divided into such levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. You can take part in rating games in the PvP section. Winners will receive points; Having gained enough points, the player will receive a higher rank.

Why is it necessary to lớn wait for the start of a new game? Each time you exit the trò chơi after selecting heroes, a countdown timer appears that shows the time remaining until the next game.

Can I return lớn the trò chơi if the mạng internet connection is lost during the game? Yes, you can continue after reconnecting.

Where can I find the invitation code? Click the Invitation icon khổng lồ find your invitation code. The code will appear on the Profile screen.


What happens if I send an invitation lớn a player whose level is above 30? Will I still get a reward?Yes, you can invite anyone. You will immediately receive a reward if the player’s level is above 30.

Can I play Solo or Co-op during punishment? Yes, you can play in these modes. Punishments are reset every day.

Is the number of continuous games counted? Yes, games will count until you leave the lobby.

Why can’t I get a anh hùng / skin after buying a hero for an entity? You can only purchase anh hùng / skin fragments per entity. You need 4 fragments (you may need khổng lồ purchase fragments 4 times) khổng lồ get a nhân vật / skin.You can kiểm tra all the fragments of the heroes / skins that you have on the hero screen.

The daily lottery has disappeared since the last update. Please lưu ý that the designers removed the Daily Lottery from the game.

What is surveillance mode? In this mode, you can view a menu of friends’ games.

How to lớn play in surveillance mode? xuất hiện your friends list. Click on a friend who is now in the game. Then click the Watch icon. You will go into observation mode & be able khổng lồ follow the game using the basic management techniques. In addition, you will see detailed statistics of the game.

What is a hobby mode? This is a special mode for casual games that does not affect your ranking or position in the league. Khổng lồ play in this mode, you will need energy points.

How lớn recover energy? At the moment, it takes about six minutes to lớn restore energy. You can also instantly restore energy beyond the runes. With each recovery, the maximum energy màn chơi will increase, allowing you to lớn play more.

Will I get a random hero from all available in the game at the Battle of the Borders (Anger mode)?No, you will get one of the heroes from those you already bought, or from the menu of free heroes of the week.


What does the Change icon mean? If you vày not lượt thích the hero, you can click on the Change icon to lớn get another. This action can be performed only once per game, và for this you will need additional energy.

Will I get my energy back if I exit the trò chơi or the Hobby mode? No, you will not get your energy back.Also, the cost of changing a anh hùng is not refundable.

What is the Daily Reward? This is the prize that players receive every day. You can collect your reward in the corresponding thực đơn item.

Will the danh sách of awards be updated? The danh mục of awards is updated every month. No matter how many rewards you have already received, at the beginning of the new month you will receive a reward for Day 1. You can skip a few days and then get the next reward the next time you enter the trò chơi until the month is over.

What is a lottery at the end of the game? This is a new feature that will allow players to win more items, you will receive a surprise every time.

What happens if the connection is interrupted during the lottery? In case of connection problems during the lottery, restart the game and kiểm tra your collection of heroes. The prize will appear in your collection after restarting the game. You will also receive a notification of the award by mail.

What is a device communication code? This is a chất lượng code that has been in effect for some time and is generated by online gaming services. This code contains information regarding the current progress of the player.The player must have access to:

a device on which the desired progress is saved;the device to which you want khổng lồ transfer the progress.

Why can’t I use the code to links a new device? You must make sure that you vì chưng not enter the wrong code.If you are sure that the code you entered is correct, provide the player tư vấn service with information on your guest account, & they will kiểm tra the causes of the problem.


What is epic skin? This is the most valuable skin in the game. It replaces the voice, mã sản phẩm and visual effect of the hero. Often, it comes with a portrait of the character.

Is there an Epic skin in the kích hoạt Happiness piled on? Yes there is.

Is there a fundamental difference between buying a kit in the ngân hàng menu & in the Items menu?The sets in these menus are completely different. In addition, sets from the ngân hàng can only be bought for real money, while sets from Items can be bought for emblems and runes.

Can I buy one phối several times? No you can not. For example, a Quick Start set from the bank can be bought only once. However, some sets will be available for purchase several times.

What is a betting system? The player can bet on the total number of kills in the match. The player who named the closest number receives a prize. The value of the prize depends on the number of players who have made bets.

How lớn get the most expensive prize? In order khổng lồ maximize the prize size, at least 22 players must place bets on the same match. One of them will receive this prize.

Can I bet on the same number of kills as the other player? Not. You can bet only on a number that none of the other players have selected.

How to increase the màn chơi of the Blessing? With each purchase of a new Blessing, your level of Blessing increases.

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The blessing is inactive. What does it mean? If your Blessing màn chơi is lower than necessary, it is considered inactive.

How to lớn choose the minimum Blessing? Every day you can choose one of the 3 minimum Blessings, but on the day of purchase you cannot change anything.

How lớn extend the duration of the Blessing? You can buy the Blessing again lớn extend the duration of the already active Blessing.


What does xuất hiện all mean? You will be able to open all Blessings for 30 days, but you will not be able khổng lồ choose the minimum Blessing that day.

What is the blessing of Orin? This is a special feature thanks to lớn which the player can see improved special effects.

How does the betting system work? Players can bet on the total number of kills while watching the match. If one of the players bet on the nearest number, he will receive a prize. The form size of the prize depends on the number of players participating in bets on this match.

How to get the most expensive prize? to lớn win the most expensive prize, it is necessary that at least 22 players participate in the bets on the match; the winner will receive the maximum prize.

Is it possible to lớn bet on the same number of kills as the other player? Not. You can bet only on a number that no player has bet yet.

How khổng lồ increase the màn chơi of the Blessing? The màn chơi of the Blessing rises with each purchase of a new Blessing.

What does it mean if the blessing is not valid? If the màn chơi of the Blessing is lower than required, the Blessing will be invalid.

How lớn change the minimum blessing? Each day, you can change one of three minimum blessings.However, it cannot be changed on the day of purchase.

How to extend the effect of the Blessing? to extend the effect of the Blessing, you can buy it again.

What does open all mean? You can use the "Open All" option to xuất hiện all Blessings for 30 days, but you cannot change the minimum blessing on the first day.

What is the blessing of Orin? The blessing of Orin is a special function that is responsible for the best display of effects.

What is a team rating? Players can invite friends khổng lồ their team and play together in a rating mode.

Is it possible lớn sell heroes? Unfortunately, the trò chơi does not have the function of selling or deleting heroes.Game developers may địa chỉ cửa hàng it in the future.

Can I transfer trò chơi progress lớn another account in GL LIVE or a social network, for example, Facebook? Please note that in the trò chơi you can use different accounts connected lớn different social networks, but synchronization of trò chơi progress between such accounts is impossible.

How to lớn exchange your team hero for a comrade nhân vật before the start of the game, when the players are already waiting in the room? Players can exchange their hero for the character of a teammate after he clicked the Finish icon & blocked his hero. Since both players have both heroes, they can declare an exchange before the start of the game. The exchange of heroes must be agreed upon by the players, in addition, they can exchange heroes many times per game.

Why use the "Move Account" feature? With this function, you can move player data from the current hệ thống to another. Important data is transferred carefully, so the likelihood of losing critical information is extremely small.


Where is this feature located? Data transfer can be done from the game menu or settings menu. Look for the "Move Account" submenu.

Which servers can I move my trương mục to? Only two directions are currently available: you can transfer your account from the global server to Chinese & vice versa. We recommend choosing a hệ thống closer lớn your location. Moving data khổng lồ a remote server can make chơi game unstable.

Are there any restrictions on the use of this function? Yes, within 72 hours you can request the transfer of only one account.

What is the cost of such a move? Moving costs 200 runes. If at the time of the request you vị not have enough runes, you will be given a message.

What is the procedure for moving an account? 1. Click on the "Confirm" icon to open a window with confirmation of data transfer. 2. Carefully read the mô tả tìm kiếm of the procedure and all warnings, then select "Yes, continue" và press OK. 3. Carefully read all warnings & instructions on the second page, then select "Yes, continue" & press OK. 4. Your request will be sent to the server and processed within 72 hours.

Can I continue the game after sending an tài khoản transfer request? Yes, but it is not recommended.

What should I vì if data is lost that I was not warned about? tương tác customer support as soon as possible. Please refrain from playing the game online until their employee answers you.

Can I transfer the progress of the trò chơi to another server? You can transfer your progress in the game from the world hệ thống to Chinese và vice versa. To bởi vì this, go lớn the "Settings" thực đơn -> select the "Game" -> click on the "Account Transfer" icon. The transfer will cost you 200 runes & will be completed within 72 hours.This feature is only available for tiện ích ios users.

How lớn transfer trò chơi progress lớn another device? If you want to lớn transfer your current trò chơi progress to lớn another device, bởi the following:

1) Make sure you log into the trò chơi from your Facebook or GL LIVE account on the first device. Vị not confuse this with your trò chơi nickname. If you want to link your data with an existing trương mục on GL LIVE / Facebook, launch the game, go lớn Settings -> Connection -> Log in via Facebook / GL LIVE. If you vì chưng not have an account on GL LIVE, create it as follows:

Open the game.Go khổng lồ GL LIVE (the blue icon in the upper left corner).Select Create Account.Play online for 15 minutes.

2) Both devices must work on the same platform (iOS / Android); otherwise, progress will not be carried forward.

3) download the game to another device & connect khổng lồ your Facebook / GL LIVE account. Please note that if you have already played this game on another device, the progress will not be transferred until you reset the progress on this device.

4) As soon as you enter the game on another device, you will receive a message asking if you want to lớn save the current progress on Facebook / GL LIVE or rewrite it. You need khổng lồ select "Save", otherwise the progress will be deleted on both devices.


How to lớn change the server? khổng lồ transfer data khổng lồ another server, follow these steps: click on the profile picture in the upper left corner, click the EXIT icon, then MOVE ACCOUNT. Please chú ý that transferring data lớn another server can take up khổng lồ 72 hours.

Can I use an account on multiple devices? This is an online game, và all data, including the progress of players, is stored on servers. You can access your tài khoản from any device on the same platform that was used for the game. Progress can only be transferred within the same platform, for example, from apple to Apple, but not from hãng apple to apk or Windows.

Can apk users play with ios users? The game can be played on devices with both Android and Apple, but android users cannot play with ios users, since the game is not cross-platform.

Can I transfer a guest tài khoản to another device? to transfer a guest account, go khổng lồ the settings menu, select Connect device, get a code. Then open the application on another device và enter the code. The guest tài khoản will be transferred khổng lồ this device. Please lưu ý that porting is only possible within the same platform.

How to lớn change avatar? Select your portrait from the profile thực đơn or at the đứng đầu of your friends list. Then select the portrait you want và click the "Select" icon. Some portraits may be paid.

How to switch between a 3G và Wi-Fi connection? The type of connection changes in the settings menu of your device.

Can I turn off the music? The volume of sound and music can be adjusted in the settings menu.

Where is the help section? Click the Settings icon, then Help, then select the Basics or Chips icon.

What should I vì if the trò chơi freezes or crashes every time I try to lớn start it & I can’t push anything? This happens when the game at startup tries to kiểm tra the mạng internet connection. Try disconnecting your mạng internet connection or putting your device into airplane mode và restarting the game. If this does not help, turn off the device for 2 minutes, then restart the trò chơi without connecting to the Internet.

How to lớn use voice chat? You can activate this function in the settings menu> Voice chat. Please use the headset to lớn communicate with teammates.

How lớn control the camera or configure it? There are no suitable options in the Settings menu. khổng lồ configure the camera, please go khổng lồ Settings> Control> Camera, then change the không tính phí settings to fixed ones. Please chú ý that these settings will be available in the game.


What are controllers? These are external devices that can be used instead of the touch screen during the game.

How lớn use the controller? khổng lồ get started through Bluetooth, establish a connection between the controller and the thiết bị di động phone. Then go to Training, in the Help section you can find more information.

Can I use the controller in Surveillance mode? No.

How to lớn get emblems? Emblems can be earned during games. At the end of each game, you will receive the number of emblems corresponding to lớn your result. In addition, you can get emblems by completing daily quests.Emblems serve as game currency, having paid with them, you can mở cửa new heroes, talents and other items!

How khổng lồ get free runes? You will get some không tính phí runes by completing the training task in the game. In addition, you can go lớn the store, and then in the ngân hàng menu và click on the "Get Free" icon lớn see special promotional offers.

How lớn buy runes? Make sure you are connected khổng lồ the Internet, và then select the set of runes in the menu cửa hàng -> Bank. Click on the price tag icon & you will be asked to lớn enter your táo bị cắn dở ID và password.

How to invite a friend lớn the team? If you have a team, you can click on the INVITE icon in the friends menu. Your friend will receive an invitation. He will join your team as soon as he accepts the invitation.

How to lớn invite a friend khổng lồ the guild? If you are an officer or leader of one of the guilds, you can click the INVIT icon in the guild management menu. After that, you will need khổng lồ enter the name of your friend & press √.Your friend will receive an invitation. Your friend will be accepted into the guild as soon as he accepts the invitation.

How lớn increase the number of places in my guild? If you are a guild leader, go khổng lồ the guild management menu and click on the corresponding icon khổng lồ increase the maximum number of participants. You will have khổng lồ pay for this service. After you confirm the payment, you can again invite players to the guild.

What benefits will I get by joining a guild? Guild skills will give you a significant advantage in battle. Well, also a guild is just a way khổng lồ unite with like-minded people.

How khổng lồ develop a guild? You will be able lớn develop your guild by playing with friends in it. For a certain number of guild games you will receive rewards! Play & prove to everyone that there are no guilds better than yours in Haradon!

How to địa chỉ friends? mở cửa the friends menu and press "+", then enter your friend’s name và press √. In addition, you can select the "Add" icon in the team, guild, or recent games menu. Your friend will receive an invitation. It will be added lớn your friends danh sách as soon as it accepts your invitation.

Is there a limit to the number of friends I can add? The maximum number of friends is 50.

What is needed lớn watch friends play? 1. The friend you want to watch must be online. 2. The friend you want khổng lồ watch must be in the game.3. The progress of the game, the progress of which you want lớn watch, should exceed 5 minutes. 4. You can watch the game only until its end.

How lớn see additional promotions? Additional promotions mở cửa for players who buy a certain number of runes.

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