Nature republic's icy puff sunscreen will literally freeze your

Ice Sun is introduced as a new generation sunscreen extracted from sunflower seeds. This is a 3 in 1 sunscreen: Sunscreen + Cool + Makeup.

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The striking kiến thiết of cốt tông buds gives you miles of sunscreen on your skin more easily. Ultra light, dry and non-greasy texture for all day long. Natural skin tone should be used as a make-up cream.


Ice Air Puff "-không tính phí ice" -surface effect is reduced 5 degrees C immediately. You will not spray the product directly on the skin but put the puff on the bottle and press down to the cream inside is sprayed directly inkhổng lồ the puff. Then you apply puff to lớn miles on the skin as when using cushion.

Instantaneous skin cooling (5 degrees Celsius reduction)

The redness is covered up khổng lồ 80%, the skin surface is also smoother, not clear luminescence.

Natural background, not down tone from morning lớn afternoon, regardless of sultry weather, strong movement sweat.

In addition lớn sunscreen and skin cooling, the cream also works to lớn whiten và prevent wrinkles

The liquid cream is easy khổng lồ spray và tone like natural skin, bright, smooth và also not worried about the skin.

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Sunlight up khổng lồ 12h.


Overall evaluation of the packaging, you see is eye-catching. There is a box outside look polite, not impassioned out of sympathy. Design a new, quality, yet sophisticated refreshing sunscreen. Although yellow but not dazzling, light yellow gentle.

In short, my appearance is very cool, nothing khổng lồ criticize.


I know there are a lot of readers lớn read the kém chất lượng goods of this hàng hóa, there are places where 2S is fake và 1S is auth. I myself also read the article and was very confused, I brought up the group Fire pocket because Shopee asked & was informed by the brain that 1S with 2S is just different lot numbers, not fake. And it looks like there"s no circle at the bottom of the bottle, right?

Also on the body toàn thân, the intersection between the lid và the toàn thân, the letter ON-OFF. If you use the lid turn ON, if not used, turn the lid khổng lồ OFF. This mode helps us when not in use, push mode on the OFF will not be afraid of collision that makes the ice cream out. Design smart, too?


Open the top of the inside cover with a piece of cushion cốt tông available, another piece to lớn keep outside, new padding inside the sole, look very clean khổng lồ change when the old cotton worn out & dirty after a long time use.

I really like this neat design: convenient.

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In addition, the style of cốt tông patches on this face is quite convenient và clean. Previously, I used all sunscreen lotion. Worn, then the whole line of ice cream hands, very troublesome, not to lớn mention ice cream but also embarrassing again, oh so uncomfortable. Using cotton pads on the face like this much better.



❖ Advantages:

Nice thiết kế, convenient, easy khổng lồ useHigh sun protection indexThe cream is smooth, easy khổng lồ spread, cool when applied to the skinGood oil, does not cause dry skin

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