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ID Cooling has unveiled its new family of "mega coolers" for mainstream & high-kết thúc desktop processors rated for a TDP.. of up khổng lồ 280 Watts. The SE-207-series cooling systems will arrive to lớn market just in time lớn address AMD"s new-generation enthusiast grade Ryzen 5000-series "Vermeer" and Intel"s upcoming 11th Generation Chip Core "Rocket Lake" processors. 

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ID Cooling"s family of CPU coolers includes two new models: the SE-207-XT Black for AMD"s processors as well as Hãng sản xuất Intel CPUs in LGA1200/115x/20xx form-factors và the SE-207-TRX Black aimed at AMD"s Ryzen Threadripper processor in TR4 packaging. Both models are rated for up to lớn 280W TDP.., which is enough khổng lồ cool down a high-over desktop CPU from AMD as well as lớn ensure that the lademo và upcoming enthusiast-grade CPUs can hit their maximum dynamic boost clocks và have some headroom for overclocking.

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To a large degree, the ID Cooling SE-207-XT Blachồng and the SE-207-TRX Blaông xã resemble the company"s SE-70 sản phẩm announced this October, which is not particularly surprising as all of them feature a classic twin-tower kiến thiết with two 120-mm fans. The new coolers feature similar heatsinks with tens of aluminum fins & seven heat pipes, but completely different bottoms. The SE-207-XT Blachồng has a solid copper bottom, whereas in case of the SE-207-TRX Blachồng its heat pipes directly touch the CPU khổng lồ speed up heat transfer.

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Being aimed at different platforms và featuring some differences in design, the SE-207-XT Blaông xã và the SE-207-TRX Black have slightly different dimensions. The Mã Sản Phẩm for mainstream CPUs measures 144 × 122 × 157mm, whereas the SKU aimed at Ryzen Threadrippers measures 140 × 122 × 157mm. In general, dimensions of both units are in line with those of other "mega coolers" designed to compete against closed-loop liquid cooling systems. As usual, those who intover to install ID Cooling"s SE-207-series units will have sầu khổng lồ make sure that they do not blochồng space for memory modules with larger heat spreaders.

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ID Cooling equipped its SE-207-series coolers with two fans featuring which spin between 700 RPM ~ 1800 RPM to lớn produce up to lớn 76.16 CFM air pressure while generating up to lớn 35.2 dBA noise level.

ID Cooling has not announced MSRP or ETA for its SE-207-XT Black and SE-207-TRX Blachồng coolers. As these are premium high-over products, we expect they will be priced in line with their competitors.

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