It’s been quite a while since we’ve had reason to lớn talk about Rayark’s Implosion – Never Lose Hope ($1.99), but more than 4 years after its last update a new update has arrived today adding support for all the newer thiết bị di động device screen sizes & resolutions as well as a few other goodies. Implosion has been near & dear to my heart ever since I first laid eyes on it way baông chồng in September of 2013. Implosion was a character action game with a sci-fi motif & bad ass mech-based combat, and it really looked to lớn buông xã the trends that the App Store và điện thoại gaming were heading towards at the time. This was a full-blown, high production value affair designed explicitly for Smartphone, và it was aimed at a more hardcore gaming audience as opposed to the more casual mainstream. Tt was also selling for a one-time purchase price of $9.99, which was (& still is) considered on the high side in the world of Smartphone. It was the type of game I always envisioned being made for điện thoại devices had the “race to lớn the bottom" mentality & free khổng lồ play monetization strategy not strangled the entire industry.

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I digress. Hype for Implosion was through the roof following that 2013 announcement, and that hype only grew as the game was delayed a few different times, missing its intended 2014 release window and finally arriving on iOS in April of 2015. And boy was the wait worth it. Implosion was everything I had hoped it would be và more, & it earned an easy 5 star recommendation in our original Reviews. Two good sized updates followed that initial release. The version 1.1 update arrived in September of 2015 & added a quái nhân Rush mode, some new VR side missions, new enemies, & leaderboard tư vấn. Then the version 1.2 update arrived in February of 2016 & really upped the ante with an entirely new chapter called “Last Man Standing" & a brand new playable character named Jonathan who piloted a mech that featured dual-wielding firearms và was the ranged attaông chồng counterpart to lớn the original & more melee-focused Avalon & Crimson mechs.

All was quite rosy in the world of Implosion up khổng lồ that point, but sadly, despite how well-received the game was and how well it sold, the updates dried up after version 1.2. It’s not totally surprising as Rayark is a fairly small studio who manages a ton of different gaming projects, và they did launch Implosion on the Nintenvị Switch not long after that system debuted in 2017. Their hands were in a lot of different pots, & I get it. But I’ve sầu never lost hope (see what I did there?) that one day they would issue an update to lớn the sản phẩm điện thoại version of Implosion that at the very least would offer full screen support. It’s taken a darn long time but that day has finally come. It’s not just full screen tư vấn though, as there’s definitely been a resolution bump from where the game was at previously, & it’s hard khổng lồ believe this is a 5 year old game given how darn nice it looks by today’s standards.

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Additionally, a new chapter called “Iron Will" has been added khổng lồ the campaign, & the game now features full Japanese voice acting. Sadly this new version 1.5 update breaks compatibility with game saves, and trying to lớn read a translation of Rayark’s tweet about the matter suggests there’s a way around that as long as you update the game first before firing it up? I think? I don’t quite understand, and my own personal experience is that my save progress is gonzo, but honestly I don’t mind in the least as I’m already having a major blast playing through the game from the beginning all over again. However if your previous save progress is important lớn you this is something to be aware of.

Perhaps the biggest news out of all this is that Implosion on iOS is currently FREE for only the second time ever, and the Android version, which is free khổng lồ download anyway with a one-time full game unlock IAPhường, is also at a very steep discount of just $1.99. Whether you’re an existing fan or brvà new lớn the game, now is an excellent time to dive sầu into the world of Implosion & experience one of the best mobile-original games around.

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