Innisfree aloe revital soothing gel for redness review

With Summer kicking in here, my face starts feeling burning hot after I step outside, further causing breakouts. But this year, I decided lớn take precautionary measures with sunblocks và adding aloe gel khổng lồ my skincare routine.

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As you may have sầu read in my previous haul post, I have sầu just recently purchased the Inniskhông tính tiền Aloe Revital Soothing Gel. Yesss, I have sầu already started using it và I must say I have become addicted lớn it.
As a quiông xã reminder, I have purchased it during the 1st year Anniversary sale of at a discounted price of $6.40. It contains 300 mL of hàng hóa.
It comes in a green tube with a very simple kiến thiết of an aloe plant, but deprived of the regular recycled packaging of Inniskhông tính tiền, which is kind of surprising. It just had a mere sticker on the tube and an aluminium foil that prevents the product from gushing outside. To be honest, I was utterly shocked when I received it here. The tube is sooooooo huge & so not practical for travel. You may wish lớn transfer some of it inlớn another vial or container for portability. Of all the cosmetics I"ve sầu bought so far, I think it"s the biggest in kích cỡ.

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I"m happy to lớn get value for money more for the price I"ve sầu paid it. So affordable or is it just that aloe vera as an ingredient does not cost much lớn the manufacturers. Notice that other brands lượt thích Nature Republic, THEFACESHOP.. also sell such big form size aloe gels. Hmilimet will have to lớn investigate on it. The difference is that their aloe gels are provided in big plastic cosmetic jars while Innisfree is available in a plastic tube which is more hygienic and practical without contamination risks. But anyways, it contains a lot of product and it is good lớn last for about 6 months or more. However, the current status is that I use it a lot, on my face, & on my toàn thân.

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What it is (Credits: Contains 93% extract of Jeju organic aloe flesh. Aloe gel-lượt thích flesh inside the leaves contains more amino acid và moisture than its leaves and any other parts of aloe, which helps soothes the skin damaged from UV rays and heat while providing intensive moisture to lớn the skin. 2. Aloe Vitalizing Energy™ unique lớn Inniskhông tính tiền Aloe line soothes the skin và strengthens the skin barrier lớn make it vibrant & feeling fresh. About Aloe Vitalizing Energy™It is a special skin-vitalizing Jeju aloe complex of Inniskhông tính tiền. It moisturizes the skin with the essence extracted from aloe flesh inside, prevents loss of moisture and strengthens the skin barrier with madecassoside và in doing so, revitalizes the skin. 3. Multiple use on areas where intensive sầu moisturization is required. You can use it on all areas where intensive sầu moisturization is required due lớn irritation by external environment such as hair, face, arms and legs lớn revitalize and energize the skin through deep moisturization 4. Free of colorant, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, animal ingredients & imidazolidinyl urea
Aloe Revital line packed with tenacious vital power of Jeju aloe flesh Aloe has an amazingly tenacious hold on life, strong enough khổng lồ survive sầu & prolong life even when pulled out & left in the hot sun over 6 months Coarse textured soil and wild wind of Jeju Island that is the only pure islvà in Korea make it the best place for growth of aloe. It is said that aloe works better when it grew in wild, harsh environment than when grew up sheltered. Distinctive, svào sea breeze and good drainage in the volcanic islvà formed with basalts allow aloe khổng lồ grow stronger, which adds to its effectiveness.
Apply an appropriate amount to lớn dry areas that need soothing, including hair, face, arms, & legs, and spread evenly for penetration as often as needed.
The Aloe Revital Soothing Gel is gel-like but it is not thick & sticky at all. It is transparent and clear in appearance. It is quite moist in texture. However, as you open the tube or squirt some of it in your hand, it has a weird smell, not very pleasant, lượt thích a raw plant smell. But once applied, the gel absorbs so quickly into lớn the skin and the smell fades away, which is very practical. It is light, highly moisturizing & comfortable khổng lồ apply.
Moisture, Lots of Moisture :)
Moreover, that gel lives up to its name. It is indeed soothing. Lately, I"ve sầu been suffering from nasty breakouts from bao tay, junk food, exposure to sunlight and pollution and this aloe gel has become my life-saver. I can"t say if it"s the best since I"ve not tried other brands, but let me be clear, the Innismiễn phí Aloe Revital Soothing Gel soothes all the pain in my face. I"ve been popping my small pimples as there was no other way out (not usually recommended). They were just waiting to lớn be burst và even if they healed, they would grow again at the same spot later on. The pain was so unbearable, I had to lớn remove sầu the accumulated pus underneath the pimple (The trouble is so real). But usually this would cause my pimple lớn be inflamed again for another week or two, depending on its kích cỡ. So khổng lồ prsự kiện further inflammation & lớn alleviate my pain, I tried the gel on my pimple, & on the following day, it was already in the process of healing. I noticed a major improvement. No more swelling, significant reduction in redness và inflammation. It also helps in cooling down the excess heat in my face. After using it everyday for less than a week, my face is almost clear of acne. I feel moisturised, comfortable và no longer in pain.
As for the rest of my body toàn thân, I use it mainly on the dry areas such as the neck, arms, bachồng (got acne on my baông chồng too) và feet. It really gives that extra moisture required. It is refreshing and perfect for Summer khổng lồ soothe any sun burns on the toàn thân.Hell yeah, Inniskhông tính tiền Aloe Revital Soothing Gel is definitely a holy-grail nhà cửa for me. I was aware of aloe"s benefits for the skin. I"ve sầu used sheet masks & cream made of aloe, but using that highly aloe concentrated gel has done so much good to my skin in such a short span of time that I consider it my miracle hàng hóa.

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-Soothing for acne, sunburns-Will last for a long time-Absorbs quickly inlớn the skin-Not sticky-Reduces excess heat skin Cons:-Not Portable-Not so pleasant smell every time you open the tube-No proper packaging
There are not much cons with respect lớn the hàng hóa itself. I just love it. Although I"d love to try aloe gels by other brands, I highly recommkết thúc the Innismiễn phí Aloe Revital Soothing Gel khổng lồ everyone, especially those who have sầu acne problems or live sầu in very hot regions. It is very refreshing & cooling. It does whatever Inniskhông tính tiền says & I"m happy with it. I"ll surely re-purchase.

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