I always wanted a face mist that won’t make my skin sticky or won’t require khổng lồ wash it off after sometime. Green tea face mist from Inniskhông tính phí claimed lớn be natural and non-sticky. It instantly added a spark in my eyes when I saw it in the Inniskhông lấy phí store. It looked quite promising và also contained squeezed green tea! What more could I ask for? I quickly bought it và started using all day- before sunscreen, after makeup, before face cream etc. I have sầu used it all possible ways and here is what I feel about this product:


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Inniskhông lấy phí green tea mineral mist contains 100% organic green tea water. It is a hypoallergenic ethanol-không lấy phí facial mist. Containing organic Jeju green tea moisture, it immediately replenishes moisture to your thirsty skin. It is a 6-miễn phí system – no Ethanol, no artificial pigments, no paraben, no benzophenone, no ethanol, no animal base materials và no mineral oil.

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Packaging: The mist comes in a standard spray can packaging similar khổng lồ the usual deodorant cans. The can is quite sturdy và has lovely green tea leaf print on it. The spray nozzle looks ordinary but works in a different way. It produces very fine droplets và you actually won’t feel anything falling on the skin. The droplets are evenly distributed and you need not spread it using fingers, just let dry.

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Texture: The mist is watery và dries quickly.  

Fragrance: The mist has a typical green tea fragrance with sweet notes khổng lồ it. overall, the fragrance is very pleasant.

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How I use and after-effects: I simply hold the can 15 cms away from my face and spray. I move sầu my face from left lớn right while spraying, let dry for few seconds & I am done. Face feels instantly moisturized & remains that way all day long, quite literally. No stickiness or greasiness at all. I use it before sunscreen, on top of makeup, under my night cream, on bare skin when I am home page, multiple times when I am in the office- I use it all the time! I am so in love sầu with this mist! I always wanted a face mist but since I have sầu oily skin, I avoided it. I am happy I got hold of this wonder product! what’s more? That product is all natural, contains no parabens & dirty stuff!

I would also lượt thích to add that this spray works best under Innismiễn phí green tea cream.


Travel friendlyMultipurposeMakes skin refreshedImproves skin texture with regular usageSpray is very gentle on the skin, unlượt thích regular face mists having harsh spray actionDries quicklyContains all natural ingredients


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