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Kingdom Rush Origins Description

"Kingdom Rush Origins" This is to lớn introduce the story as an interlude into the comic, for the first time emphasizes the "camp opposite" background, the protagonist Wizard shooter, megalith warrior, magician & warrior in the on-site comic corresponds lớn four defenses Tower arms, and hostile camps include the Evil Mage, evil spirit archers và numerous monsters. Compared khổng lồ the previous two, Kingdom Rush Origins of the world is more magical medieval lvà, after all, people are "origin", including characters, boss khủng settings, tower settings, map scenes và a variety of small details, as well as games Background music, have sầu followed this theme. For example, the map of all the original walking the natural route, all the combat performance is the combination of ancient machinery and magic can no longer see artillery, explosives và other hot weapons era figure. Fighting maps can no longer be summed up in terms of meadows, forests & snowfields. If you actually play it, you know that this combat map has evolved vastly & stereoscopically, with a huge waterfall topography, huge tree house Tree-houses live sầu in the forest tribe), intricate caves, paradise for the Elves, etc., some of the details are even staggering ... Although the fighting picture is familiar creep villain & little quái nhân, but after all, is the third generation, the screen resolution and color brightness have sầu improved a lot, looks a lot of beautiful. Familiar gameplay & ubiquitous egg.

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The game is still used in the three difficulty mode, the beginning can choose, & then the maps can also be free to switch the màn chơi of difficulty. The main line a total of 75 stars, each off 5 stars, the game process a total of 15 off. Three levels of difficulty with each pass plus the conventional mode and two challenge modes, enough for everyone lớn spend a lot of time. And even if you choose the simple difficulty, the old need khổng lồ carefully consider the strategy of tower defense to lớn achieve sầu the perfect clearance, definitely not the light tower khổng lồ build the tower will be able lớn cope with the past, which is "Kingdom Rush" has always been the player"s favorite charm.

The game"s play has not changed, it is still familiar with the fixed tower + multi-line defense. As for the defensive tower, we told everyone that we have sầu redesigned it all before. The barracks, magical towers và towers are the same, but the shape has been greatly changed. The former turret has been replaced by a stone tower here. Four defensive towers have sầu three sections of the tăng cấp khung, the third stage is derived from the special tower branches, two branches of each unit, and have different defensive tower skills.

Of course, the enemy is also new, but still continue the ground Department, Department of flight, Department of Magic such traditional phối. However, as the ability of the enemy has greatly strengthened, và some debut of the new enemy will use a very tactical move sầu to lớn kill you a surprise, such as late-night map appears claw mobs, can actually transkhung inkhổng lồ light spots along the ground The mark drifted through the map, coming directly to our base camp only after it appeared, an inattentive will be successful attaông xã. In addition the enemy"s "IQ" has also improved, not only know how to use the rapid advance of the waterfall, but also learned khổng lồ "fit" attachồng, hum, it seems that players vị not start seriously if it is not alright.

Everyone should also have guessed the emergency that has been exploited by the enemy for a new route. The new route for this purpose will be even more unpleasant. In short, we should observe sầu carefully before starting a war.

The various small details on the bản đồ are super interesting, you can clichồng on the order khổng lồ the gold mushrooms, river rafting casks, three pig"s house, forest tribes, eagles, as well as the dwarves in the forest of night ......

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The first pass will see the upper left corner of Gandalf và Frovị boarding scene, a generation of archers heroes in the origins of a grandfather practice archery little Lolita it.

Fourth off the elven tree house can see her Oh! Little Red Riding Hood and wolf can also be seen in the forest, the fairy candy house witch will run out of the house, beat her will be able khổng lồ save Hansel and Gretel brothers & sisters ... ...

In short, if you play with heart will find a lot of eggs, many, Ironhide really is a romantic studio ah.

Then we are concerned about the nhân vật, the anh hùng for the very interesting, are new faces but not for what stunned look very familiar, the initial archer ERIDAN how lớn look very much like the previous two as the archers ancestors, the second An element of division ARIVAN is lượt thích a fusion of the previous generation of ice, fire, thunder, wind magic super BUG remote units behind several paid nhân vật we can even see the previous villain BOSS, bởi vì not know what kind of destiny so that they Ironhide left plenty of room for fans from the heroic camp "mutiny" BOSS rebel faction.

Each hero has a level setting, gain experience gained in the battle, will be heroes training points, you can learn và upgrade their own skills. "Kingdom Rush Origins" made a small improvement to lớn the hero by adding the hero"s last maneuver lớn the map"s active skills, controlled by the player, such as Archer"s Arrow Rain, Elemental Mage"s Tornavì Dragon"s summon dragon and so on. In this battle, in order to lớn add new ideas, some levels will appear double hero mechanism, that is, the system pre-configured a anh hùng, và then add the player"s own anh hùng, so that you can have sầu two heroes battle, but Skills or only use their own hero. In addition to lớn some of the previous hero will appear as a NPC on the map to lớn help us launch some AOE attacks. However, these maps in the hostile AOE is simply a small CASE, the map of the hostile AOE is very harmful to the enemy, the plains appeared in the early plains two catapults will pose no small threat to lớn us, followed by the lake rồng , You can directly freeze our defensive sầu tower, in short, we can adapt to it.

 Star talent point of this tradition is still retained, players can use the evaluation of the stars off lớn four defensive sầu towers & two skills khổng lồ tăng cấp, the more advanced attributes spover more talent points. Upgrade system is very rich, such as increased infantry blood và defense, increase the range of archers, Master attachồng, mercenary equipment khổng lồ strengthen & so on, but also by the players không tính phí lớn wash, re-point talent. This allows you lớn upgrade properties based on different maps and your own focus. In the dwarf siêu thị can be used for each battle bonus diamond redemption of various props, such as increasing the assault BUFF also have a direct range of flame such damage Department, in the difficult màn chơi want khổng lồ keep the victory have to lớn use a lot of props

Every generation of "Kingdom Rush" sticks to lớn the tradition, và on the traditional basis, it infiltrates the new elements thoroughly. It attracts a series of old players based on the overall evolutionary details. On the one hand, the continuation & the other on the simple seemingly simple 2D cartoon style behind the screen, in fact, is a masterpiece of the scene expression & strategy of meaning, meaning has not only stopped tower defense game.