A while ago, I told you about some new stuff that popular Korean skincare brand Laneige had for us and ahy vọng them was something very interesting & quality – a mochi sleeping pack! Ok, so it’s not really a mođưa ra, but it looked like one.


What it really was, was the White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack, a sleeping pachồng contained within individual one-use capsules. I thought they were terribly interesting (see how influential packaging can be?!) và I took to lớn them like a duông xã to water.

The White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Paông chồng comes in a box with 16 capsules within that are very well packaged and if I might say so, perfect for those who travel a lot, because you can use and toss as you go along.

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Within each capsule is a hydrating gel formula and within that gel formula lies a mochi-lượt thích ball of cream that contains the ingredients for whitening và brightening the skin. Laneige promises you therefore that you will wake up from your beauty sleep with brighter, more hydrated skin. Intriguing!
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