Argo is a Tactical First Person Shooter. I would consider it one of those hardcore shooters, were a few shots hit you and you are dead type games. The trò chơi is pretty much lượt thích Arma running on the same engine but it"s much more optimized.

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In Argo you will find 4 different game type 3 of them being Tactical PVP (5v5) based trò chơi modes & the last being a COOP game mode against AI. Links : link is a game mode were each team has 3 nodes, & they have khổng lồ connect at least 1 node khổng lồ be able lớn then capture the 2nd node to lớn then be able lớn capture the Main node that both teams are fighting over for. This game mode can get very tactical because if you disrupt the other teams node that makes them not be able khổng lồ capture the Main node. As well for that, there is a random Care package that drops some were on the map. If it"s captured the other team will not be able lớn capture the main node for a little bit of time. This trò chơi mode does have respawning. Raid : This trò chơi mode consists of two teams one being the defenders that have khổng lồ defender one of 3 objects in the base. The other team has khổng lồ go inside the base và try to find out which of the 3 objectives is the one that they have khổng lồ capture. The way they know if they have lớn capture the zone is by one of the zones you will see a box with a computer on it meaning that is the zone that they have lớn be in. Now this game mode is very well made because the other team that is defending has khổng lồ stay in there "zone" if they get out they will die. Making it possible for the attacking team khổng lồ chose how they will go around và attack the base. This game mode does as well have the Care Package, but it works a little different then in the links Game mode. In this trò chơi mode if the attacking team captures the Care Package, they get hãng sản xuất intel on which from the 3 objectives they have khổng lồ capture, but if the defenders capture the Package they get khổng lồ make the clock time be shorter making the attackers have khổng lồ be faster then they are. In this trò chơi mode you only have one life so you need to be very aware of what you are doing.

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Clash : This game mode consists of two teams fighting over a maps filled with capture points. Think of it lượt thích Conquest in Battlefield but you only can capture one point per round. At the start of the game both teams have lớn try lớn capture the point in the middle. Who ever captures that point then decides in the next round what point they want lớn capture. Now both teams are trying to lớn get into each others bases but, need to work there way up the bản đồ by capturing the points each map, but the choices must be made wisely, because each point you capture is linked lớn each other, so if you keep linking them but dont get close to the main base of the enemies you"re making it harder for you"re team. Now what the cool part about the trò chơi mode is, after the team does capture the first point và then get to attack the point they chose, if they fail to lớn capture it the defensive side then can chose who they want khổng lồ attack! This game mode as well only has one life per round, but if the attacking forces bởi vì capture the Care package, they get to respawn again, but if the defensive side captures it, then the timer will be cut shorter. This trò chơi mode is as well only 5v5 Combat Patrol : This trò chơi mode is a coop game mode, that supports up lớn 10 players, this trò chơi mode, has a revive feature, that you will only see in this game mode, so you are able khổng lồ revive you"re downed team mates. If you vì not revive them, they can respawn but that costs a ticket, and you are limited lớn a number of them & they will not replenish. This game mode has 3 main objectives and those are.Retrive Data from the module Sabotage 2 enemy vehicles tải về 3 intel(s) from the enemies terminalsI can"t personally say if I lượt thích the trò chơi mode because I dont really like game modes that you play agaist AI so I personaly have not tried this game mode so this will be something that you will have lớn try on you"re own if you want to.
This trò chơi has a very nice system of unlocking weapons và other things. First off you only get your XP và Cash for playing the match till the end, if you join half way don"t worry you will still get some XP, và cash. After leveling up you get perk points. Those points you can spend to lớn in the perk tree were you will find, such things as level 2 rifles, DMR, Snipers, but as well find cấp độ 1 Sights, và such things. Was ist das. Some cost 1 perk point but others may cost more. After unlocking one of those perks, then you can buy wha ever you unlocked. If you vì chưng get the 10 euro DLC you will unlock mostly just get cosmetics nothing that will change how the game plays for you as a non DLC owner and someone that does own the DLC. I love this system with the XP, Cash, và perks, but my only complain is the fact that perk points are hard to get so, for example you need 6 points to lớn get a vest that will protect you more, but those 6 perk points are a lot when trying khổng lồ as well unlock new weapons và attachments and such things. But the rest of the system works very well!
Customization is very cool in this game because you have Loadouts were you can switch everything around, How your character looks so, if he is wearing a mask or helm và such things. As well each chiến thắng has a bunch of different style camos và such as well. The guns as well have different camos on them, và the attachments as well. So there is a very big collection of guns and things for your character so you can make him look as you want.
At the moment the trò chơi does have a bunch of bugs, & this is were a lot of people may say that they don"t want lớn play the game, but stop there. The game does not have game breaking bugs, but just small bugs that you will have to giảm giá with. Bugs such as sometimes you may get stuch in a door when opening it, or sometimes when joining a game, you"re loadouts wont show up so you have khổng lồ leave the server và join back in. As well Team Killing is not really punished so for example, they will only đại bại there XP, và that is it. So they can keep team killing and sometimes they will be kicked automatically but most of the time they will not be kicked for it, & the kick system pretty much means the whole hệ thống has khổng lồ vote kick the guy for him khổng lồ get kicked, so that must get worked on, and I only have had this happen to lớn me once, but there is a glitch in the trò chơi that, when playing the trò chơi mode liên kết after the round finishes the round actually does not finish, and it starts the time over again, but no one is able lớn really bởi vì anything except kill each other. Something that this trò chơi as well does not have và really needs, is a vault button or a jump button because it can be very annoying trying lớn get over small objects on the map without having the power of jumping. Something else that I really dislike is that there is no indication if someone is on your team or not, that would not be an issue I actually love games that vày that, but the issue here being is, the fact that the only 2 differences you have is one team has long shirts and the other has short ones and then the fact that one has a digital camo & the other not, sometimes its very hard khổng lồ tell if someone is on your team or not, I personally have gotten used to lớn it, but sometimes I have khổng lồ think twice before pulling the trigger making it a bit stupid.