Matte lip crayon:creamy tint color balm


Out of all the AMOREPACIFIC brands, my favourite brand is probably Mamonde. I love sầu its branding, its ambassador (Park Shin Hye, a staple of all modern Korean idol dramas), và its usage of flowers. I was very excited when it first arrived in Singapore, and even happier to lớn find Mamonde products sold in Korea at a discount.

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I bought these 2 in an Aritaum store at just 9000 won (about $10.70) each, which honestly felt like a huge offer at that time. I found out afterward that it’s retailing for cheaper on sites such as Qoo10, Lazadomain authority, Shopee etc though…

Product Description

3-in-1 crayon-type lip pencil with intense color of lipstichồng và creamy velvety texture

Highlights: – Highly adhesive velvet feeling: Uniformity of unevenness và uneven coloring, as well as lingering in the lips! Closely feeling velvet feeling – Upgraded Cream Chest: A feeling that slips more creamily with the spherical powder ingredient – Without hurting: Moisture pulled and coated, smooth finish on the lips without the appearance of keratin

I got two colours– No. 3 (Velvet Cosmos) và No. 13 (Velvet Rose). The colours actually look pretty similar, just by judging the lipsticks. However, when you swatch, you can see the difference.




No.3 is a paler, nude pink, while No.13 is a bolder và more intense pink. You can also tell from the swatches that this product gives a matte finish.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t quite as pigmented as I had expected it khổng lồ be. If you see the swatch photo, it still looks a tad faint even after I had repeatedly swiped it. It’s worth taking note of if you’re hoping this will produce fantastic colour payoff.

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Staying power

I’ve always had a bit of problemwith matte lip products because my lips are always so dry, no matter how much lip balm I apply. Personally, I really like matte lip products because they last so long (a svào contender of lip tints, I dare say), but I’ve never had much luông chồng. This hàng hóa, however, gives me hope that matte lipsticks can be my thing.

The product applies matte but feels creamy, and isn’t as drying as I expected it khổng lồ be, and stays well on my lips for a few hours, surviving round after round of eating and drinking. The colour payoff is also as good as I would expect from a matte lip crayon, which I really like.

Final Verdict

This sản phẩm has exceeded all my expectations, & I’ve been highly recommending this lớn my friends. It delivers as it promises– colour vibrancy: checked. Adhesiveness: checked. Creamy feeling: checked. My only concern is probably the price, because getting it cheaply is not guaranteed.

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That’s not to say that this product is absolutely not drying at all. A certain degree of dryness is expected from lip products (sadly), but this feels like a comfortable fit on the lips, much more than some other products I have tried.

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