How To Move A Steam Game To Another Drive


Moving your Steam games around is trickier than you may think: Valve"s download platform is less flexible than you may think. If you need khổng lồ move Steam games from one drive to another, kiểm tra out our handy guide.

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Step 3: Cut và paste the Steam library thư mục into the new path you created. For instance, it could be called E:SteamLibrary

Step 4: Reopen Steam & log in, then point Steam to lớn your new directory và verify game files if necessary. If you encounter issues, try uninstalling và reinstalling Steam. The Steam tư vấn page can also be helpful.

Steam and the Cloud

The Steam Cloud is great, & it makes us wonder how we survived the primitive age of gaming when cloud saves didn’t exist và save-files were limited to one machine or memory card.

Many people familiar with Steam likely know about Steam Cloud. It is cloud storage hosted by Steam that allows users khổng lồ enable cloud saves, backup and restore games, store Steam user settings và the like. That said, not all Steam games tư vấn the feature, most notably older titles.

A workaround lies in using a cloud storage provider, such as, or an online backup service, such as SpiderOak ONE, that doesn’t limit you khổng lồ one sync folder. Using one of those providers, you can mix up your own makeshift cloud saves lớn ensure that you’re using the most recent save-file of a game no matter where you’re playing.

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To learn more about why we like & SpiderOak ONE, read our nhận xét and SpiderOak ONE review.

Final Thoughts

Those of you who have been using Steam since before 2017 probably remember the tedium of moving games between drives, and using symbolic links. Thankfully, moving Steam games và library folders is much easier these days, và hopefully we’ve demonstrated that.

When it comes to lớn moving games in batches or moving library folders, Steam could be improved. Although, compared to rivals such as Origin and GOG Galaxy, there’s little lớn complain about.

Steam remains the dominant platform for Windows PC gaming, so perhaps resting on its laurels is to lớn be expected. That said, Steam has brought quality-of-life features to the platform. Being able khổng lồ apportion your Steam library across multiple drives without reinstalling games has long been requested, so it’s better late than never.

As it relates lớn the Steam Cloud, dig in to lớn our best cloud gaming services khổng lồ see how the cloud has transformed the way gamers game, và why it’s the future. In that article, you can also learn about the relatively new gaming model, gaming-as-a-service. For consoles và the cloud, look at our how khổng lồ use Xbox cloud storage guide, or find out which has the better cloud.

Look into our best Steam VPN và best VPN for gaming guides, too. With that said, let us know if you have any Steam hacks or tricks. Drop us a bình luận or tweet at us. Thanks for reading.