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The Notê 6.1 is a budget-friendly điện thoại thông minh but with ZIESS optics và a decent screen, could it be the money-saving điện thoại thông minh you"ve been looking for? Let"s find out...

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Nokia 6.1 32 GB UK SIM-Free điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh - Black/Copper


Quiông chồng Verdict

The Nokia 6.1 is a very reasonably priced smartphone that is capable of producing good images & excellent video in most situations. Yes, it does struggle a bit in low light và when scenes have a wide dynamic range, results can be disappointing but overall, it did a decent enough job. Plus, when you consider how reasonably priced it is, you can almost let slip its low light performance issues as in all other situations, it's a really great smartphone camera.

If you're looking for a smart-looking smartphone that can take good photos, has 4K video clip built in and captures awesome selfies then the Notê 6.1 might just be for you. It's a budget-friendly điện thoại thông minh that surprised us và we reckon you won't be disappointed with how it performs either.

+ Pros

Lovely designGood screenPro modeDecent cameraGood price

- Cons

Not a dual lens cameraThe battery could be betterThe cameraapp is a little clunky & basic (in places)Lachồng of Optical Image StabilisationNot waterproof


Space is a little tight in the budget điện thoại thông minh bracket with various Android điện thoại thông minh designers introducing devices with excellent specs và decent cameras for a reasonable price. Notê is one such brand who are having a resurgence in the Android điện thoại thông minh market with several phones arriving in the budget as well as premium sections of this ever-growing sector.

We've sầu already reviewedthe Notê 7 Plus, which sits in a higher price b& of smartphones, so we thought it was time to lớn look at one of Nokia's lakiểm tra budget offerings - the Nokia 6.1.

With an aluminium body toàn thân and matt thiết kế, the Notê 6.1 already has a premium feel and that's before you realise it has ZEISS optics built in (Nocơ and ZEISS have actually been friends for years), a decent kích thước screen & camera specs that are pretty decent for a điện thoại thông minh that will only mix you baông xã just over £200.

So, for those on a budget who still want a smartphone with decent camera specs, the Nokia 6.1 is lining up lớn be a good choice but is its real-life performance as good as it looks on paper? Let's put it lớn the kiểm tra & see.

Notê 6.1 Features


The Nocơ 6.1 has a 16mp, f/2.0, 27milimet rear lens và on the front, the camera has slightly fewer megapixels at 8 but the aperture is the same. Video can be captured with both cameras at 1080p/30fps, as well as in 4K with the rear camera, và you can shoot panoramas, use an HDR mode,Pro mode và a beauty feature that will 'fix' images.A rather unusual 'bothie' mode is also built in so you can take an image with the front & rear cameras at the same time.

There's no optical image stabilisation which, combined with the f/2.0 aperture, could mean the Notê 6.1 produces shaky shots when working in low light & as there's only one rear lens, you don't get access to lớn a live sầu bokeh mode as you do with the Nocơ 7 Plus and Notê 8 Sirocco.

If you use Google Photos, you can get access lớn unlimited photo storage & cloud back-up which should keep your 32/64GB of storage pretty không tính tiền but you can use a MicroSD memory thẻ should you run out of room.

The Nocơ 6.1 is powered byaQualcomilimet SDM630 Snaprồng 630 mobile platkhung as well as 3/4GB of RAM depending on what memory kích cỡ you opt for và a 3000mAh battery is built in which should give you enough power khổng lồ keep the shots coming. After you've captured your images, you can view them on the 5.5-inch screen (1080x19trăng tròn pixels, 16:9 ratio). It also runs Android One for that 'pure Android experience' so you get regular security updates và fewer apps installed on the device when you first open it up.

As you'd expect from a smart device, the phone has Bluetooth không dây, Wi-Fi và NFC connectivity but it's not waterproof. It does, however, have sầu a headphone jaông chồng - something iPhones are now too cool for và sound flows through a single speaker found bottom-left.

Key Features:

Rear Camera:16mp, f/2.0, 27milimet Zeiss lensFront Camera:8mp, f/2.0Screen: 5.5-inch, 1080x19đôi mươi, 16:9 ratio, Corning Gorilla Glass 3Wi-Fi/NFC/BluetoothFlash: Dual LED, dual-tone flashVideo: 1080p/30fps (both cameras), 4K (rear camera)Pro modeISO 100-3200 (selectable in Pro mode)3000mAh battery3/4GB RAM, 32/64GB Storage

Nokia 6.1 Handling


Notê describes the Nokia 6.1 a 'a phone you can rely on' và the way it feels certainly makes you believe sầu this. It feels svào, sturdy và almost makes us feel lượt thích it doesn't need a case khổng lồ protect it (we'd always recommend buying a case for any smartphone you use, though). Some other smartphones feel delicate because of the glass construction but the Nocơ 6.1 feels reassuringly well-built. It's actually constructed from Aluminium but the matt blachồng baông chồng stops it from feeling slippery và it doesn't mark as easily with fingerprints which is excellent.

Gorilla Glass 3 is built inlớn the all-metal body toàn thân and on demo, we have sầu the Black/Copper version which is eye-catching & stands out from other smartphones available at this price point which tkết thúc to just be one colour, often blaông chồng. The copper detailing, rounded corners & matt finish all add up to lớn a really good looking phone that looks much more expensive than it actually is - well done Nokia. As well as the version we have on chạy thử, you can also buy a blue/gold or white/iron version.

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A couple of thiết kế features that suggest it's not a premium điện thoại thông minh are the fairly big bezels, bottom chin & thiông xã sides but don't let this put you off as it's a lovely looking piece of kit, particularly at the price bracket it sits in.

The 5.5-inch screen isn't the biggest but you can't describe it as small và, in general, we had no problems with viewing angles or brightness levels (even though the screen does look very shiny/glossy). Of course, outside in bright sunlight is a smartphone's nemesis but as you can adjust the screen's brightness & there's also an tự động hóa light adjustment feature built-in, you can still view the phone's apps easily. As for resolution, so long as you don't compare it khổng lồ the more expensive sầu iPhones & Samsung Galaxy S9 side-by-side, you won't see any problems with the 1080x19đôi mươi resolution it offers. As the screen is so shiny, smudgy fingerprints do show up very easily so you might want khổng lồ have sầu a lens cloth handy if these kinds of marks annoy you.


Buttons seem khổng lồ be a thing smartphone designers like khổng lồ keep khổng lồ a minimum và the Notê 6.1 is no different to other smartphones on the market that just have a power button và volume controls on the sides. There's no 'home page button', as such, it's just a circle on the digital display you press but there is a tai nghe jaông xã on the top right as well as a USB-C charging port in the middle of the bottom part of the điện thoại thông minh which sits next to lớn a left-mounted speaker.


On the baông chồng, there's the Notê hình ảnh và the ZEISS name sitting under the camera lens which tells you premium optics are built in. Under the lens & flash is the fingerprint sensor so if you bởi vì want khổng lồ unloông chồng your phone using fingerprint recognition, don't mix it as your thumb as that'll just be too much like hard work. On occasion, we accidentally tapped the flash instead of the fingerprint sensor but at least it's not the lens you're getting fingerprints on.

As we've mentioned the lens, let's have sầu a look at the camera specs, camera phầm mềm & how the smartphone handles photography.

The camera app, while performing OK, is a bit clunky và some tools aren't where you expect them to be. Take the selfie mode, for example, you have khổng lồ cliông chồng the rear/front camera switch (as you expect) but it's right at the top of the tiện ích which means you can't access it with one h& so 'quiông xã snaps' aren't something you can vì chưng easily.

Quick access modes are shown across the top (in portrait mode) and stacked to the left when holding the phone horizontally. The modes include face smoothing, self-timer, HDR, flash và an option for switching between single, dual và P-I-P (combined front/rear shots). Next to lớn these, is a drop-down menu which is trang chủ khổng lồ a panorama mode, the Pro camera và settings. There's also a button to switch from camera khổng lồ video clip next to the shutter button.

Pro mode can also be accessed by pressing và sliding the shutter button which curves the manual settings inkhổng lồ view. When using Pro mode, you can adjust the trắng balance, phối the ISO, piông xã a shutter tốc độ, use manual focus or phối the exposure compensation. The Pro mode is a brilliant feature khổng lồ see on a budget điện thoại thông minh as some premium smartphones, such as the iPhone X, don't offer this. Having said that, it's not the most intuitive sầu Pro mode we've ever used & we had to play around with it a while lớn fully understvà it.

The Notê 6.1 doesn't have sầu dual lenses so there's no second lens to switch to. A digital 'pinch & zoom' function is built in but we'd recommkết thúc not using it where at all possible as, with all digital zooms, quality isn't that great.The shutter button isn't a real button, it's just built inkhổng lồ the phầm mềm which usually makes the chin smaller on smartphones but this isn't the case with the 6.1. Mind you, it is a budget điện thoại thông minh so having a bigger chin where some of the back-end technology sits is understandable.

There are now 'live' digital filters but you can add them after capture và as it's an Android điện thoại thông minh, you can easily access Google Photos which gives you tonnes of storage space.

The phone is powered by aQualcomm SDM630 Snaprồng 630 di động platform as well as 3/4GB of RAM depending on what memory kích cỡ you opt for. TheQualcomm processor is something we're seeing more of on the more reasonably priced smartphones, nowadays, which is a positive sầu as previously,cheaper Android phones used MediaTek processors.

Using Geekbench 4.1 it scored 665/4225 (single core/multi-core) và the AnTuTu benchmark gives the Nocơ 6.1 a score of 90918.

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Battery life - The Notê 6.1 has a 3000mAh battery built-in which won't be winning any awards but it keeps the smartphone powered for a day's use.

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