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Long gone are the days of developing và publishing a trò chơi without the need to tweak, adjust and support it years after launch.

Here at victaland.com.vn, we want khổng lồ take the opportunity to lớn highlight games that have bucked the trend and found an audience that has kept them thriving long after launch.

That leads us to lớn our regular Live và Kicking series.

This week we spoke to lớn Gameloft game producer Roman Tkachuk and product sale managerMargaryta Myronenko, ahead of the six-year anniversary of Order và Chaos 2: Redemption to discuss how to lớn sustain an MMORPG audience in the long-term.

victaland.com.vn: With Order & Chaos 2: Redemption approaching 6 years live, how bởi vì you reflect on its performance?

Roman: Despite its advanced age, Order và Chaos 2 is still popular và recognisable among players, especially among fans of classic MMORPGs & mobile MMOs.

It’s really hard to lớn reflect how age has affected the performance of the game, but we can say with certainty that our servers contain the whole world of Haradon with its players so they can enjoy the experience of the original smartphone fantasy MMORPG.

How big is the team currently handling live ops on Order và Chaos 2: Redemption?

Roman: The trò chơi is currently supported by a small team that includes a concept artist who creates concepts of trò chơi items, a 3 chiều artist who’s on duty for modelling based on the 2d concept, an animator who adds the animations and life khổng lồ the items, and a game designer who comes up with new game play ideas & adds these items to the game.

There’s also a programmer in the team who makes sure the new content is not buggy and a LiveOps specialist who runs festivals, events & various promotions.

How important vì chưng you consider customer support and updates lớn be?

Margaryta: I find customer care & proper tư vấn extremely important. Something is not working properly after the update? The trò chơi is crashing on certain devices? Or maybe the trương mục was banned and you have no idea why?

I find it necessary lớn have a person who you can talk to lớn when you are experiencing any issues with the game.Margaryta Myronenko

Anything you want to share & know for certain that your idea will be forwarded straight khổng lồ the game team? You always reach out to the community manager và customer care team, since it’s the first and one of the most important ways to solve issues & mediate between the development team & the community.

Xem thêm: Ns Bình Tinh Sẵn Sàng Hát Đám Cưới Để Bù Lỗ Cho Cải Lương, Nghệ Sĩ Bình Tinh: Ngôi Sao Của Lòng Hiếu Thảo

As a big fan hâm mộ of MMORPG games myself, I find it necessary lớn have a person who you can talk to lớn when you are experiencing any issues with the game, have suggestions for improvements & ideas, and know that this person will take care of everything you shared with them.

What steps have you taken lớn ensure that Order và Chaos 2: Redemption maintains an active player base?

Roman: It’s mainly the constant creation and integration of new content and regular trò chơi festivals, events and activities to lớn entertain & engage players.

Margaryta: vày not underestimate the importance of nurturing the brand name and the fame of the franchise - back in the day almost nothing was comparable to the multifaceted world & possibilities of Order & Chaos 2 when speaking about mobile MMORPGs.

We always aim to sustain and maintain the popularity of one of Gameloft’s most famous franchises. It’s crucial to stay on track, think out-of-the-box và find new options lớn entertain và engage players, listen to lớn their feedback and carefully analyse it, and of course, keep an eye on what our respectable competitors are doing.

What can you tell us about KPIs such as downloads, DAUs, or retention?

Margaryta: The number of downloads from the game’s release in năm ngoái to now has reached more than 17 million players!

Every month more than 30,000 new players install the game & immerse themselves in the world of Order & Chaos 2.

What lessons are you still learning from Order và Chaos 2: Redemption?

One of the most important lessons is that there"s never enough new content.Roman Tkachuk

Roman: One of the most important lessons is that there"s never enough new content. Despite the huge amount of game items (pets, armours, weapons, potions - you name it) players always appreciate new things to lớn explore.

Margaryta: bởi vì not be intimidated by hardcore players who sometimes literally know as much about the trò chơi as trò chơi designers.

Most of them are great & dedicated people who are always willing to lớn help, nội dung lots of tips and fun stories & play with you - not against you.

Finally, how has your experience with Order & Chaos 2: Redemption informed what you"re working on now?

Roman: For me, work with Order và Chaos 2 emphasised the importance of long-term planning và maintaining a steady pace of development.

Margaryta: & for me, it was the thorough understanding of how hard & yet rewarding the work with the community of such a big game can be.