Review: pony effect seamless foundation


I received a sample of this foundation from when my purchase of the Everlasting Cushion refill. I was given Natural Ivory which was one shade lighter that my face. My best shade match might be Nude Beige. To balance my face with my nechồng, I used a powder on top which matched my face correctly.

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The formula was runny và light which was perfect to use in this tropical climate. It blended really well và, in my opinion, had a true semi-matte finish with medium coverage. The scent is similar to lớn the Everlasting Cushion but much more toned down which I appreciated. What really impressed me was how it lasted for eight hours without making my T-zone oily which usually happens with dewier foundations that I own. I also did not see parts of it fading or cracking since I have sầu dry skin.

Overall, I will definitely purchase a full kích thước of this product! (Once I finish all of my cushions và miễn phí up some space)

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