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After I’ve visited Seul at the over of 2019, I’ve sầu developed an obsession for all the Korean skincare products. Even though I love sầu most of them & I’ve learned a lot about the Korean skincare routine, there’s one hàng hóa, in particular, I find really useful. Thus, that’s what I’m going to lớn talk khổng lồ you today in this Inniskhông lấy phí sheet mask review.

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I don’t want lớn hide the fact that I came bachồng from the trip with my luggage filled with products, especially sheet masks. My skin is usually dry và I’ve been fighting with this for so many years without finding a real solution, especially in the cold season. However, the one br& that I liked in particular and found really good for my skin, helping me stay hydrated for longer, was Innisfree.

After months of using their products, I think it is safe khổng lồ say I can nội dung with you a comprehensive reviews. One that will answer all your questions &, hopefully, convince you lớn try the My Real Squeeze masks.

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My Innismiễn phí sheet mask reviewMy Innismiễn phí sheet mask reviewAlternative sầu sheet masks from Innisfree

My Innismiễn phí sheet mask review

Benefits of the Korean sheet masks

Why would you choose a sheet mask over another type you ask?

With around 10 steps in the Korean beauty routine, they put a special emphasis on keeping your skin hydrated for longer. The tissue mask allows your skin to absorb the essence or serum properly, having a great impact on the softness và plumpness of your skin.

Give sầu your skin what it’s craving, và stop your hectic day for 15 khổng lồ trăng tròn minutes for a moment of relaxation & indulgence. If you don’t find the time through the day, you can always sleep with the mask on & wake up with a brighter & more moisturized complexion.

Product Description

My Real Squeeze Mask EX is the perfect option for any kind of skin.

The tissue is made from 100% biodegradable Eucalyptus fibers và has an easy-peel design I find easy to use.

They are easy to lớn carry with you even when you travel and would always make on my các mục of the best beauty products lớn have in my travel kit.

All the ingredients used in the production of the My Real Squeeze Mask EX masks are obtained by using the Cold Brew Squeeze Process – which extracts the nutrients without affecting them in any negative sầu way.

Where can you find them?

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The ingredients are different from one mask to the other, but the brand’s concept emphasizes nature and eco-friendly practices. Thus, all the ingredients you’ll find in the Innismiễn phí sheet masks are extracted from nature và handled with care so that they can help you & your skin.

Ingredients Cucumber mask

Texture & Purpose

The My Real Squeeze Mask EX comes in 3 textures, for 3 different levels of hydration:

Water base: light và fresh – Bamboo, Green Tea, Tea Tree, Lime, Rose Essence base: deeply hydrating – Cucumber, Aloe, Manuka Honey, Pomegranate, Fig Cream base: intensely nourishing – Acai Berry, Rice, Coconut, Ginseng

Of course, each mask has different properties and purposes depending on its main ingredients:

Aloe – enriches with moisture-rich aloe, helps to lớn relieve tired skin; Green Tea – enriched with fresh moisture from green tea, keeps dry skin moisturized; Cucumber – with cucumber abundant moisture, helps the skin khổng lồ beclear & fresh; Bamboo – helps with damaged skin và prevents dry skin effects; Manuka Honey – collected from the manuka tree flowers in a clean area in New Zeal&, this mask is perfect for healthy và shiny skin. It is rich in antioxidants & has antibacterial properties that help with blemished skin; Pomegranate –a rich source of Vi-Ta-Min C, this mask has a wrinkle improvement function & helps with collagene stimulation; Lime –with citric acid, this mask is very popular in Asia because it plays a whitening function; Rose – contains fragrant rose ingredients lớn moisturize và smoothen the skin texture; Acai Berry – rich nutrients và antioxidants, restores skin elasticity; Rice –clears dull skin và anti-aging, rich in antioxidants, helps with dark age spots and acne; Fig – nourishing, antioxidant-rich face mask, keeps the skin clear & vibrant; Ginseng – improves the vitality of tiered skin, anti-aging properties.

My Innismiễn phí sheet mask review


As I’ve sầu said in the beginning, before coming to lớn Hong Kong I had tested only a few sheet masks bachồng home & I wasn’t impressed.

However, I was surprised to find the huge market for such products here in Hong Kong, & even more in their motherland – Korea.

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I thought I should give them a try và purchased many kinds from many different brands, và tested them through the months.

After 6 months of testing, I can safely say the My Real Squeeze Mask EX with Aloe và Tea Tree are my favorite ones. Even though they have sầu different types of texture (one is essence, the other water) I’ve sầu found that my skin reacts very well lớn both of their light & hydrating moisture.

I lượt thích that the tissue adheres very well to lớn the face and does not slip off (as I’ve experienced with other brands), the amount of essence in the package is more than enough, and what’s left I usually spread on my neck, cleavage, and hands.

I normally use a mask every other day, or whenever I need it the most. For example, I got a part of my face skin burnt at the beach & very irritated because of the surgical face mask I’ve been wearing these past months. I applied one of the Aloe sheet masks before I went lớn bed, và the next day my skin was brand new.

It is worth noticing that I don’t always follow the 15-20 minute rule & I usually keep the mask on until it gets completely dry and all the serum has been absorbed in my skin. That’s easy to vị if you apply it before you go lớn sleep.

After a few months of use, I no longer see the lines on my forehead and my skin is glowing và kept its glow also in the cold Seoul weather in December.

In conclusion, I think the My Real Squeeze Mask EXis a great option if you are looking for a good price-quality ratio.


Pros affordable many options lớn choose from eco-friendly company – the first natural K-beauty brand biodegradable fibers used for the tissue easy to apply và use really nourishing Cons it has a light scent that I personally enjoy, but that people with allergies might have problems with

Alternative sầu sheet masks from Innisfree

The Skin Clinic Mask

The 100% cotton sheet of theSkin Clinic Mask helps to lớn provide targeted care for a range of skin concerns from dryness & irritation to lớn signs of early aging.

It comes in 7 different types, infused with powerful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, catechins, collaren, BHA, peptides, Vitamin C, & panthenol.

I particularly lượt thích the Collagene one & the one with hyaluronic acid, that bởi wanders on my dehydrated skin.

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Inniskhông lấy phí Second Skin Mask


Their only bio mask, made from a Jeju fermented soybean, và a bio-celluthua trận sheet that adheres seamlessly like a second skin. You need to lớn handle with care when you apply it because it might get stuck together.

Even though at first it felt a bit strange, this is exactly like a second skin và I felt it really easy lớn wear it. I’ve tried the moisturizing one and I’m pretty happy with the results.

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It comes in 4 types (moisturizing, brightening, firming, soothing) và increases skin moisture, improves skin elastithành phố, và transparency.

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