Lush mask of magnaminty face and body mask review by megha


Edit: I’ve sầu since tried a lot of other masks in similar textures! If you’re looking for a good alternative sầu to lớn the Mask of Magnaminty, my new favourite is the PureHeals Centella Green Tea Pack! It has even better ingredients and is a Korean skincare brand! The texture & colour is quite similar but the PureHeals one is more buttery & soft on the skin.

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About a month ago, I went lớn Lush và purchased a few products to try out. Since my skin has been really acting up lately, I decided I would give some natural products a try and see if it would help. If you’re interested in seeing what else I purchased from Lush, you can kiểm tra out my mini haul here.

The product I want lớn Reviews for you guys today is the Mask of Magnaminty. I’ve been using this for almost four weeks now, and I’ve sầu been loving it ! The Lush girl suggested that I try this out when I asked her for something that would give sầu me a nice deep clean và would help with the clogging of my pores. And I’ve definitely been seeing results !

Magnanimity definition : the act of being magnanimous; generosity


I have been using this hvà in hvà with the two other products that I bought (the Tea Tree Toner, and Grease Lightening) so those could also have had an effect in the state of my skin, but because one of them is just a mild toner và the other is a spot treatment, I can conclude that this is probably what’s helping my skin overall.

I try my best to lớn use this bad boy at least 2 – 3 times a week, và if I forget, then at least once a week at the bare minimum. I originally thought that buying the smaller kích thước ($12.95 for 125 g) would only last me a couple of tries before I had to go baông chồng khổng lồ purchase another tub of it, but surprisingly this has lasted me quite awell. I’ve used it probably 6-8 times now và it still has a pretty substantial amount left in the tub.

The description on the website says

Mask of Magnaminty isn’t technically a daily ‘facial wash’; it’s actually a deep cleansing face and baông chồng mask. Đài Loan Trung Quốc clay & fresh peppermint reach deep down to lớn pull the debris from your pores, giving you that delightful tingly-clean sensation. We add loads of aduki beans to lớn exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absolute to lớn calm redness and honey lớn soothe. Our inventors created Mask of Magnaminty lớn be the ‘ultimate face mask’, intense but not harsh or abrasive sầu on the skin. We recommover using Mask of Magnaminty weekly khổng lồ keep the skin in good condition.

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The grainy texture from the added aduki beans was definitely a little strange to lớn me. This was probably the first face mask that I’ve sầu tried that has that kind of texture to it. It wasn’t until I was washing the mask off before I realized why the beans were there. When you are rinsing off the mask, the aduki beans helps you really gently exfoliate your skin. So as you rub the mask away, you are actually rubbing the beans against your skin. I really enjoyed this because they actually give sầu a gentle (but not so gentle that it doesn’t work) exfoliating, instead of a harsh one lượt thích my St. Ives Apricot Scrub does.

Another thing that was slightly alarming was the peppermint. When first applied lớn your face, the minty-ness is definitely very prominent and almost a little off-putting. Let me just tell you now.. this is a VERY minty mask. And most other minty, tingly masks that I’ve tried, I didn’t kết thúc up liking because it always seemed lớn dry out my skin in the end. So right off the bat, I already thought to lớn myself “Nope, not going to lớn like this. Definitely going to dry out my skin.” BUUUUT to my surprise, this actually did the exact opposite. Not only did it make my skin feel exceptionally clean afterwards, my skin actually felt moisturized & replenished as well. I’m guessing it’s the vanilla and the honey in it, but my skin felt soothed & polished all at the same time. Oh & the minty-ness only lasts for a couple of minutes. After the couple of minutes has passed, the mask will no longer feel extremely minty, và just feel normal on your skin.

I don’t think I would use this mask every single day, because it does persize quite a deep clean for your skin, so I would assume that if used too much, it may strip your skin of some of its essential oils. But I will use this mask every other day, & I have no problems with my skin drying out from it. I naturally have sầu extremely dry skin, so this is always a relief for me when it comes lớn cleansers and masks.

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Overall, this mask seems lượt thích it’s been doing wonders for my skin ! After the first use, my skin had just felt well-cleaned, but I didn’t see much of a difference as far as my spots go. But after a few times of using this cleanser, I definitely noticed a positive change in my skin. My break outs have definitely lessened, và my skin has been feeling less dry và flakey, since it does a great job moisturizing, restoring và exfoliating it !

If you’re in the market for a new deep cleanser, or even just a nice mask lớn try, I would definitely give sầu Mask of Magnaminty a go. It’s no wonder the Lush girl told me this is one of her holy grail products, because I know for fact I will definitely be repurchasing this one when I need a refill.

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