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Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro điện thoại thông minh with 6.00-inch 1080x19trăng tròn display powered by Qualcomm Snaprồng 653 processor alongside 6GB of RAM và 16-megapx rear camera.

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It is having very good features:1) size 6 inch - Excellent2) Processor - Qualcomilimet Snaprồng 653 - Excellent3) RAM - 6 GB - Very Good 4) Internal storage - 64GB - Excellent5) Expandable storage up lớn (GB) - 256 GB - Excellent++6) Battery capađô thị (mAh) - 4000 - Very Good 7) Resolution- 1080x1920 pixels - Excellent8) Operating System - Android 6.0 - GOOD (it should have been 7.0 for this price)9) Price - 36,900 - AVERAGE ( It should have sầu been around 25,000 or less)Overall it is the BEST PHONE except PRICE. If the price could have been less than 25,000/- then this will become TOP MOBILE for next 1 year.REQUESTING lớn give their nhận xét.
overall premium experience.SAMSUNG GALAXY C9 PRO RATING 74100Our VerdictThe Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is hands down the best "big screen" điện thoại thông minh you can buy right now. It has oodles of RAM và the Snaprồng 653 inside is fast. The phone is fluid & doesn't skip a beat in any way, except for a weak camera. It's expensive sầu, but if you want a premium phablet, this is the phone khổng lồ buy.PROSBalanced & colourful displayFluid & fast performanceDecent battery lifeCONSSub-par camera
Smartphone is best.. i suggest evryone khổng lồ buy this Model.but only i need khổng lồ ask is cant i use both syên ổn as 4g sim?if i can pls let me know.
*** My Phone Dead In trăng tròn Days... Zero Service Response... They Won't Replace, Can't Repair, Still In Service Centre... I Am Without Phone, After Paying 36,900/- Plz Dont Buy... I Can Give Proof... Bill và Service Invoice...
Not worth at this price.Camera is not good at this price Fingure touch sensor is not good.Display ok okBattery is really 4000mah, I think j7 battery is much better then c9 pro.Big no
I had a chance lớn use C9 Pro, it is freezing & automatically shutting down. Samsung Philippines repaired it by changing the motherboard and battery, but after using the problem is still the same.

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Outstanding Phone�Ÿ‘Œ�Ÿ‘Œ�Ÿ‘�Ÿ‘�œŒ�œŒ
Excellent Phone because there are all required features have given in Samsung C9 Pro.Thanks Samsung�Ÿ˜ƒ
After usage of 6 months, i have khổng lồ take it lớn service center for speaker issues. The s/w have sầu some issues và getting update very late. More over the battery is working fine. But giving for service with in 6 months time is quite hectic.
The only problem is that of battery it takes 3 hours khổng lồ full charge then how can it have 4000 mah battery
It is absolutely not worth the buy. for a meagre samsung addict like me its a huge dissapointment.. my phone went dead & the service centre said they replaced motherboard. still it got dead the same day i collected my Samsung c9pro Smartphone from service...thenthey said they had kept under observation lượt thích a patient & gave baông xã. its not even24hrs i collected my điện thoại from service, its again dead now... và all of a sudden it got restarted... why dont these replace in case of a fault handset??? its not years since i bot this di động.. its hardly months.. ajn 21st 2018 i bot và its jus march 17th today.. at this rate of products và service samsung will soon shut down like notê... I HIGHLY RECOMEND PPL NOT TO BUY SAMSUNG C9 PRO..CUZ ITS A WASTE OF 30000 ON IT...
It seems that this phone was just a prototype. Awful camera. HDXiaoMI not working. I am pretty sure most buyers would lượt thích khổng lồ return và have a refund.

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Hardware having complaint that unable lớn stable the processor and keep restarting.Even authorized service center (Kochi- Kadavanthra) refused to lớn replace the hardware by saying after 14 days they will not provide warranty. But the customer already reported và submitted the phối to service center after 5 days from they purchased and the authorized service center kept hold the device for 14 days và rejected.Do not go for Samsung set even warranty will not cover for replacement.
A frikết thúc recently (on 25th Feb 2017) bought a Samsung C9 Pro phone. The phone reported v feeble voice on incoming calls and outgoing calls. On speaking khổng lồ Croma guys at Worli, Mumbai (from where he had purchased the same) he was told there is a network issue bcoz of feeble voice!!! This itself is an outrageous reason! Network is remotely related lớn Voice chất lượng. Now when the guy has gone lớn Service Center he has been told that there is a problem with the Mother Board ! Wow 5 weeks old phone with a motherboard problem ! And best, Samsung is saying no replacement, only repair! You decide whether you want to lớn buy them again !!!!
---> The price of Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is Rs.34000 and therefore it's main competitor is ONE PLUS 3T which sells for Rs.29999. That's why, I have regularly compared GALAXY C9 PRO with One Plus 3T in various sub headings mentioned below lớn know who wins in the over. Also, bình luận down below WHO IS THE WINNER according to you!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________B) DEAL MAKER ::a) 16MP PRIMARY và SECONDARY Camerasb) 6 inch AMOLED Displayc) 4000 mAH Batteryd) 6 GB of RAMe) Separate Slots for micro SD card & SIM cardsf) S Power nguồn Planning Modeg) Gorilla Glass 4 Protectionh) Full Charge in 70 minutes__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________C) DEAL BREAKER ::a) NO 4K Shooting- It does not support 4K resolution for shooting images and videos in 4K which, its competitor, One Plus 3T allows lớn vì chưng.b) NO Optical or Electrical Image Stabilization.(FULL REVIEW WITH CONCLUSION & FINAL RATING BELOW)__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________A) FEATURES WHICH MATTERS AND NOT JUST SPECS SHEET ::(i) CAMERA----> This sản phẩm điện thoại has a 16 Mega Pixel front facing camera WITHOUT LED FLASH. The front facing camera is EXCELLENT và you will not have ANY COMPLAINT in future regarding it.---> Comparing the QUALITY of the PRIMARY 16 Mega Pixel Samsung's camera to lớn Oneplus's 16 Mega Pixel Camera, their is NOT MUCH of a difference if you see the images of both the smartphones on a SEPARATE MONITOR và not on smartphone's own display. I---> If you have sầu previously used a Samsung's HIGH-END SMARTPHONE, you must be knowing that display wise, their is NOTHING that can beat Samsung's AMOLED Displays. Thus, the quality of Samsung's photos look BETTER than that of Oneplus' 3T on Samsung's screen.---> The above case is for pictures taken in FULL HD & not in 4K as you CAN'T CLICK 4K images with Samsung C9 Pro. Also, their is just a little bit MORE of CONTRAST & SATURATION in Samsung's photos which depends on the VIEWER whether he likes a bit more saturated images or not. I personally LOVE IT!---> Samsung's Camera LOSES in terms of video recording. One Plus's Camera can shoot 4K videos and has OPTICAL & ELECTRICAL IMAGE STABILIZATION while Samsung just gave sầu Full HD Recording WITHOUT OIS and EIS. So, it's really a LET DOWN from Samsung!(4K Ne OnePlus 3T Ki Izzat Badha Di Bancho).---> Overall, One Plus 3T has a BETTER CAMERA because it has capability to lớn shoot 4K Videos và Images. In Full HD shooting, Samsung's Camera is a bit BETTER than that of One Plus's 3T.CAMERA RATING ::PRIMARY CAMERA : 9.2/10SECONDARY/SELFIE CAMERA: 9.5/10__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(ii) SCREEN----> This headset comes with a 6 inch FULL HD sAMOLED display with 367 pixels per inch which is SUFFICIENT for GAMING AND DAILY USAGE & the screen DOES NOT feel PIXELATED or LESS CRISPY at all. If you are into lớn VIRTUAL REALITY, you will have sầu an AVERAGE EXPERIENCE as you too might be knowing that FULL HD SCREEN(of any sản phẩm điện thoại phone) will NOT BE CRYSTAL CLEAR & SHARP whatever the price range of the smartphone be.---> Yeh Toh Ho Gayi Theoritical Baate, Practically, Samsung's Displays are BAAP. of DISPLAYS. The SCREEN is THE BEST whether you talk about CONTRAST, SATURATION, BLACK LEVELS etc. It comes with a GORILLA GLASS 4 PROTECTION which can be seen in One Plus 3T also. Therefore, your screen is SAFE & PROTECTED.---> I don't think I have much khổng lồ say about the screen after calling it "THE BEST"! Although, some of you might feel pixel density of 367 is a bit less but trust me, its effect is mainly significant during VR và not in daily usage. SCIENTIFICALLY, Our eyes cannot sense more than 300 ppi normally & I AM NOT SAYING IT, you can Google it and see for yourself.SCREEN RATING :: 9.9/10__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(iii) DESIGNING OF SOFTWARE AND PHONE----> The phone's APPEARANCE has little-little detailing around camera lens, near the physical buttons etc. which makes the METALLIC UNI BODY DESIGN more UNIQUE than the others. The FEEL that you get when you HOLD THIS PHONE or the way it APPEALS lớn you when it sits at your desk is PREMIUM.---> Though, One Plus 3T also has a VERY-VERY good thiết kế but I PERSONALLY lượt thích the kiến thiết of C9 Pro more than One Plus 3T. This is the best Samsung điện thoại thông minh in terms of designing after that of S6, S7 và lưu ý 7.(Acchi Ladki Ki Tarah, Iska Design Sahi Me Dil Jeet Leta Hai!)---> Overall, the điện thoại weighs 189g which is HEAVY than MANY other smartphones. One Plus 3T weighs 158g only & you WILL FEEL the extra 31g of weight. Touchwiz UI is one of the best UI's available & comes pre-loaded with small-small detailing you can see in Xiaongươi UI. Even if you bởi not like the UI, it is an Android compatible điện thoại phone & you can CUSTOMIZE it THE WAY YOU WANT TO & even replace the original OS completely. Any day.DESIGN RATING ::LOOKS/APPEARANCE : 10/10SOFTWARE : 10/10__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(iv) BATTERY AND SPEAKERS----> This headmix comes with a 4000 mAH BATTERY which can easily last 1.5 DAY if you are a HEAVY USER and Net Surfer. For NORMAL users lượt thích me, it lasts for an average of 2 DAYS EASILY with 10% Battery STILL LEFT! With the Samsung's S POWER PLANNING in it, battery is not a concern anymore.---> And Yes, it does tư vấn QUICK CHARGING và can FULLY charge in 70 minutes. It comes with a USB Type-C PORT which is NOT A PROBLEM BUT AN ADVANTAGE as the FUTURE OF CHARGING IS USB Type-C! Come On!---> The SPEAKERS are NOT that great in bass but are CLEAR và LOUD. It has 3.5 mm JACK too so don't feel your OLD WIRED EARPHONES are of no use now but the earphones are placed at the BOTTOM of the device. EARPHONES ARE INCLUDED IN THE BOX.BATTERY RATING :: 9/10SPEAKER RATING :: 8.3/10__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(v) PERFORMANCE----> PERFORMANCE WISE, the phone NEVER HANGED OR LAGGED in my DAILY USAGE & HARDCORE MULTI TASKING and switching between HEAVY GAMES and APPS was a PIECE OF CAKE for the processor! I ASSURE you that performance will NOT BE A PROBLEM in future as the combination of CPU(Snaprồng 653), GPU(Adreno 510) & RAM(6 GB) is more than enough to handle all that extra pressure.---> But, comparing it with One Plus 3T, Samsung looses the race. One Plus 3T comes with top-notch SNAPDRAGON 821 & in front of it, SNAPDRAGON 653 is like a "Phustê mê Bum". As mentioned, SnapLong 653 with 6GB RAM is still sufficient, but as it goes, "THE MORE THE MERRIER!". C9 Pro comes with an internal memory of 64 GB which CAN BE EXPANDED via micro SD thẻ. It is a DUAL SIM phone with VoLTE Support.---> The MAIN ADVANCEMENT of this smartphone is that IT DOES NOT HAVE HYBRID SIM SLOTS! It has SEPARATE two slots for inserting SIM thẻ & ANOTHER slot for micro SD thẻ so you can use external memory tư vấn WITH dual SIM functionality. It also has a VERY FAST Finger Print Unlocking.PERFORMANCE RATING :: 8.5/10__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(v) UNIQUENESS----> This Mobile has SEPARATE SLOTS for memory card and two SIM cards which increases the functionality. Also, if you will purchase this Mobile, then you will SURELY AGREE with me that the little-little DETAILING in the thiết kế makes the DESIGN LOOK VERY BEAUTIFUL and as I earlier told, IS THE BEST after Samsung's S6, S7 & cảnh báo 7 design. (Samsung Sahi Khel Gya Bancho!)UNIQUENESS RATING :: 8.5/10__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________D) CONCLUSION ::---> It is a VERY TOUGH DECISION TO MAKE BETWEEN ONE PLUS 3T và SAMSUNG C9 PRO và I think it TOTALLY DEPENDS UPON YOU! If the thiết kế & Samsung's Trust, Name và Fame is what MAINLY matters for you và you are a NORMAL/BASIC user và CAN ACCEPT the fact that it DOES NOT SHOOT in 4K, then you SHOULD buy Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.---> But, if you want the BEST & TOP-NOTCH quality technology which is THE BEST TILL DATE in PERFORMANCE & other things like brand's name, design(slightly poor than C9 Pro) are of less significance for you, then you SHOULD BUY OnePlus 3T.---> In terms of AFTER SALES SERVICE, Samsung, Apple, One-Plus,etc., are the best and you will not face any issue from their side.FINAL RATING :: 9/10_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________---> Thank You for reading the đánh giá. If you have any DOUBTS or QUERIES, PLEASE write them in the COMMENT SECTION below và I will SURELY answer them as soon as I see them.---> Again, you can APPRECIATE my hard work of writing this đánh giá by PRESSING THE BUTTON given below(You know that button, don't you). The left one LOVES you và is WAITING for your cliông xã. The right one HATES you, so why go there? And, YOU will have sầu a GOOD DAY ahead, so DON'T WORRY(Really)!

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