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SteelSeries shows off another lightweight gaming headphối, but we"re wondering if it has adequate bass on offer this time around. Let"s take a cđại bại look.

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The main issue at hvà here has been that of bass. Often SteelSeries has been seen sponsoring the top FPS teams in the world, having the best Counter-Strike 1.6 or CS: GO teams proudly displaying this company branding on its jerseys while standing on the podium - this is one reason as to lớn why I think SteelSeries may have sầu gone light on bass in the past.

When you"re fragging up a storm in FPS games, overpowering bass from grenades & large calibre weapons means the higher pitched important sounds are left out, lượt thích footsteps. But, that"s where its usefulness stops - making music & movies a little lacklustre, meaning the headset isn"t a great all-rounder lượt thích you come lớn expect from gaming headsets these days.

Besides there being some issues of the SteelSeries range being a little small for those with bigger heads, they"ve sầu been kept bachồng by the bass issue as mentioned above sầu. With this being another addition to lớn the Siberia line, we"ll be looking to see if the bass issue has been addressed.


The Siberia 200 comes as a standard 2.0 speaker package as seen with its predecessors, providing this sound connection through the help of a 3.5milimet audio jaông xã. There"s a second 3.5mm AUX jack thrown in for the detachable microphone too, a feature that offers a uni-directional pickup, a frequency of 50 - 16,000 Hz, an impedance of SteelSeries Siberia V3 PRISM which I reviewed previously.

1KHz of 112dB. These specifications once again rank it in the middle ground of gaming headmix territory. The cable connection isn"t braided but comes with an in-line control unit, designed lớn alter sound levels and switch on or off your microphone.

This product once again features an expanding-bridge style headbvà (also known as the Siberia suspension system) & plush leather earcups that result in an over-ear thiết kế. The sound connection from earcup lớn earcup also runs within the frame of the headset, not externally, as is becoming common with many manufacturers.

Pricing & Availability

The Siberia 200 can be purchased for $79.99 with free shipping from Amazon, seeing it line up with competitors such as the Tt eSPORTS Cronos AD, HyperX Cloud, & it comes in $10 cheaper than the SteelSeries v3 PRISM. This price point puts it right in the middle of gaming headmix territory, being between approximately $49 and $149 across multiple international brands.

What"s in the box?

The Siberia 200 initially falls where many other SteelSeries headsets bởi, with that being the accessories area. While it does come with a useful double 3.5milimet AUX 2-ring splitter to single 3-ringed 3.5milimet jaông xã for use on Mobile, tablets or laptops, with only one jachồng (for sound & microphone), this headmix doesn"t come with much else.

There"s no carry pouch included, but there are some stickers. With SteelSeries putting a large amount of funding into gaming tournaments, teams và events alượt thích, a carry pouch would be perfectly suitable for its target audience. A plush bag will not only keep your shiny new headphối relatively miễn phí of scratches và bumps while in transit but is also a nice memento lớn that shows the company truly cares about the package it presents. I"m not saying that SteelSeries doesn"t care about the customer in this case, but it always feels great when you buy a sản phẩm that comes packed with goodies, no matter how cheap they may be khổng lồ manufacture.

Let"s dig deeper

SteelSeries does, and always has done, a brilliant job of making an almost all plastic headset look & feel classy. Most other headsets constructed mainly out of plastic feel cheap, tacky & flimsy, whereas this SteelSeries sản phẩm once again has that lightweight feel but is sturdy enough lớn withst& a few rage-induced sessions.

This headphối falls short on the kích thước issue once again, though. My head is a little larger than most, và it"s just able khổng lồ fit on, however, if you"re a little heavier or are rocking a larger noggin, no offense, but this might not be the hàng hóa for you. While the sản phẩm does boast a lightweight frame and minimalistic kiến thiết, the first downfall comes with the overall kích thước.

Onkhổng lồ another topic - the thin earcups are great, và that"s due to the sheer form size of them. SteelSeries has hit the nail on the head in this aspect, running a thinner but larger circumference earcup on its products for many years now. This factor ensures that they"re able to save costing on padding and leather surface area, but still fits large ears well.

The retractable microphone is practically identical to lớn previous models. It retracts well và almost fully inlớn the headphối, sounding perfectly fine for any gaming option. I wouldn"t go starting a YouTube career or streaming channel with this microphone alone, but it"s perfectly fine for Skype, Mumble & TeamSpeak. My friends in Mumble mentioned that it was a little tinny which is lớn be expected from a headphối microphone when compared to lớn my Razer Seiren desktop pick up, but they were able lớn understvà me fine while gaming.

The in-line control unit feels solid & responsive sầu. There"s no sound crackling when the volume is turned up and down, and SteelSeries has done a great job with making the microphone mute button quite flat, meaning it shouldn"t get caught on your shirt và keep muting your microphone accidentally - it happens with other products, believe me!

Wander the wastel& và frag it up in Dota 2, an analysis

I tested this headset out in both the recent release single player title Fallout 4 & six games of Dota 2. These two games allow for mighty different experiences. While they"re not only different in-game styles, my usual squad of gaming mates tover khổng lồ take Dota 2 quite seriously, whereas in Fallout I lượt thích to crank the music and cruise around khổng lồ relax.

Luckily for me, I was able lớn whip out a rocket launcher and take on a mission with the Minutemen in Fallout 4 soon after getting this headmix. I instantly thought to lớn myself that "the explosion of this will surely kiểm tra out the bass & see if there"s any improvement by SteelSeries in this regard!". I was pleasantly surprised as my foes went flying off inlớn the distance, limbs detached from their torsos. Not only was the rocket launcher awesome to lớn use, but SteelSeries has made a solid improvement in the bass department.

Jumping into lớn Dota 2 and turning the music down a little lower, this headphối showcased excellent balance. The addition of some extra bass didn"t drown out everything else that was going on, but it was a welcome addition to the overall experience for sure. I was able to concentrate on my team communicating with me via Mumble (VOIPhường program) while listening out for in-game sounds.

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The bass sure isn"t on par with audiophile headsets, and you have sầu to lớn underst& that, but for a price range of $80, it"s what I would describe as adequate - nothing more và nothing less.

Don"t stop the music

Gaming headsets are expected lớn offer an all-rounder package in this day and age, the top ranking models can tackle some serious rounds of CS: GO while still pushing out tunes through Spotify at an acceptable màn chơi.

Quieter tracks containing a wide variety of soft sounds is where the Sibera 200 shines. Listening lớn Pink Floyd"s "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" reports baông chồng a great experience, with SteelSeries showing off attention lớn detail in the higher-kết thúc of the sound spectrum.

As for something a little heavier, being "Ayy Ladies" by Travis Porter and Tyga, shows that this is yet another Siberia Model fairly devoid of punchy bass. While there are snippets of booming bass present when pumping this tuy nhiên at around 70% volume, you"re able to count every bass punch and kichồng that"s missed.

Overall the headphối offers a better bass response than previous SteelSeries headsets, that"s for certain, but it"s still nothing amazing.

What"s Hot

Lightweight and strong: Constructed mainly of plastic, this headset is light and will survive sầu quite a few falls - bouncing & springing baông chồng inkhổng lồ action instantly.

Attention to detail through the higher-kết thúc of the audio spectrum: Continuing the SteelSeries legacy, the Siberia 200 showcases great attention lớn detail in the higher range of the audio spectrum - meaning that footsteps in FPS titles và quiet harmonic music tracks both perkhung quite well.

What"s Not

Big heads beware: If you"re rocking a larger noggin, this is another SteelSeries headphối lớn steer yourself away from.

Laông xã of punch, laông xã of bass: While the Siberia 200 offers much better overall bass than seen with previous products, there"s still a distinct lachồng of punchy bass - devout lovers of hardstyle and hardcore music should steer clear.

Final Thoughts

SteelSeries has showcased once again that they are great at what they vì chưng, but once again fall a little short in the bass department. This headmix will excel in any FPS title & offers a brilliant higher-frequency sound stage, but falls short yet again in the punchy bass department.

While the overall bass experience has been improved over previous models, I would still be hesitant to recommend this product to lớn people looking khổng lồ play a wide variety of games and listen lớn a vast range of music genres.

In conclusion, while this headmix is another great-looking, lightweight và comfortable SteelSeries hàng hóa, those with larger heads or lovers of punchy bass should look at other options. However, if you"re an FPS nut, it would be hard to lớn look elsewhere.

Quality including Design & Build85%
General Features80%
Bundle & Packaging70%
Value for Money80%

The Bottom Line: Another almost-perfect SteelSeries FPS headmix that"s comfy and lightweight, but falls short to lớn a wider audience due to a laông xã of punchy bass và smaller sizing.

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