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Join thousands of worldwide in the most exciting & addictive sầu defense game for Android devices, Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Take your strategic skills & abilities to lớn the kiểm tra with exotic monsters & tough terrains to defkết thúc. What would you bởi in that situation? Find out about this awesome game with our comprehensive sầu review.

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The game takes place in a fictional world where you’re surrounded by exotic creatures that constantly threating your people’s well-being. In additions, enemies from the surrounding lands are also trying to lớn conquer your people và enslave them.

It’s time lớn take up arms và build your defense. You’ll have access lớn dozens of different fire powers which could deal devastating damages to lớn the enemies. Make sure you use it well.

On top of that, you’ll need khổng lồ earn money to lớn upgrade và repair your defense regularly. Retìm kiếm new technologies as they would be extremely helpful in slowing down your enemies’ advances. And when the time comes, make sure you’re well-prepared lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the giant bosses that would take down anything that gets in their way. Defkết thúc your land và bring glory lớn your people.



Here are a few features that would certainly interest you:

Useful boosts for dealing with tough enemies

If you’ve been playing tower defense game long enough, you’ll know that there is nothing as an ultimate defense. For most of the time, your facilities & economic powers wouldn’t allow for more tower to lớn be built và more upgrades lớn be made. Thus, dealing with swamps of incoming enemies is never an easy task.

Luckily, in Kingdome Rush Frontiers, you’ll have sầu access to many powerful abilities that could drastically enhance the power of your towers & troops, or dealing devastating damages to the enemies. Hence, make sure you keep a few of those in your inventory before starting a difficult màn chơi.


Various terrains with different challenges

With dozens of different stages that consist of different maps with different environments & enemies, you must be extremely flexible when dealing with the changes. Quickly develop a suitable strategy to lớn khuyến mãi with the different challenges that come with every bản đồ is the key factor that would help you win the match.

Different towers with different powers

Of course, you’ll have a lot of towers khổng lồ play with, it’s a tower-defense game. Still, in Kingdom Rush Frontier, each tower is relatively different from the others as they feature completely different traits, powers, and abilities. On top of that, you’ll also have access to lớn various upgrades depending on your battling styles and that of your enemies.

There are currently 18 different abilities that you could bestow upon the towers. Make sure you vày it wisely to enhance their efficiency during the battles.

Unique enemies with various powers

However, the game would never be entertaining & exciting if your enemies are too weak. That being said, in Kingdome Rush Frontiers, you’ll have to khuyến mãi with over 40 different species of monsters who’re trying lớn take down your towers. Each of them comes with powerful abilities that could cause serious havoc aý muốn your line of defenses.


Various strategies to lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with certain enemies

To giảm giá khuyến mãi with the enemies that have sầu the advantages of both number và power, you must vì chưng a good job of organizing the defense. Make sure you choose the suitable towers for certain enemies to giảm giá with the maximum damages. On top of that, the towers also need khổng lồ be well-positioned so that they can have the best coverage of the battlefield. That way, not a single bullet or rocket would be wasted.

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In additions, you can choose khổng lồ upgrade certain towers khổng lồ their maximum power or vice versa depending on the type of enemies. Also, you must also consider the terrains on each maps since they could be the decisive sầu factors.

The game also provides a phối of powerful heroes that would give sầu you a big help when dealing with tough enemies. Since you can only select a limited number of heroes, make sure you choose the right ones to provide you great assistance during the match.

Incredible bosses

Aside from the already-annoying minions, you’ll have sầu lớn face much bigger threats which are the enemy’s bosses. They are usually giant monsters with incredible powers as well as an almost unlimited amount of health. Hence, it would take an intelligent strategy & a lot of fire powers to lớn deal with them. Still, having khổng lồ giảm giá khuyến mãi with these giant enemies make the game much more challenging và exciting at the same time.


Different game modes & difficulties

You won’t likely lớn feel bored playing Kingdome Rush Frontiers, as the game features up to lớn 3 exciting game modes. Hence, you can chạy thử your skills in the Classic, Iron, và Heroic matches. In additions, for those who’ve already mastered the Easy và Normal level, you can go for the Hard mode which would offer a lot more challenging gameplay.

Dozens of achievements

To give your squad more useful boosts as well as money for upgrades, you can choose to complete dozens of in-game achievements that they offer. Although it would take a little while to complete, you would gain access to incredible rewards.



The game features a simple, yet still captivating art style. The awesome graphics và character designs help lớn give the game a good impression of a wild land with ferocious savages. On the other hand, the towers are well-constructed & thiết kế, you can see the great details from each & every construction.

With a large map and a huge top-down view, players are able to have a good observation of the battlefield. And thanks to detailed visual effects, enemy movements can be easily detected và you can come up with the solutions right away.

Last but not least, the fire powers, magical blows, và physical attacks are greatly depicted in a friendly cartoonish style. Thus, making the game relatively playable for people of all ages.

Final thoughts

With great gameplay, many discoverable features, and awesome graphics, you’ll find Kingdome Rush Frontiers extremely fun and addictive sầu.

How To Install Kingdom Rush Frontiers APK with OBB data file

APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/ android.kingdomrushfrontiers. Ensure that the OBB file ( android.kingdomrushfrontiers.obb) sits within the folder.Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers lakiểm tra 5.6.14 Android APK

Any Android devices that use Android 4.2 & up are able khổng lồ tải về and install this game. You can start by going lớn & look for the keyword “Kingdom Rush Frontiers APK” in the games category.