Last Man Standing Download


Last Man Standing is a free open-source Battle Royale game for Windows with great options to lớn compete against the best survival shooter games in this field


Here"s a game for adrenaline addicts. Last Man Standing is a Battle Royale game for Windows, totally không tính phí of charge, that has arrived with plenty of strength to put up a fight against the greathử nghiệm games in this sector, PUBG & Fortnite. The players must escape from & kill all their rivals by following their own strategy, trying to be the last player standing as you"ve sầu probably gathered from the name of the game.

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The player will lvà on a massive sầu warzone with another 99 players with the intention to lớn search for weapons and accessories that will allow us to gain a certain advantage over our rivals. It"s a fast-paced, frenetic game with great graphics similar to many games of the same style with a commercial license or in-tiện ích purchases.

Fight lớn survive sầu in a really hostile environment.

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Main features of LMS

The game shares the majority of functions & options included in the majority of other titles in this sector but we vì really recommover you lớn try this one out as it won"t disappoint you:

Battle Royal game with a battlefield with up to lớn 100 players.Over 30 weapons: guns, rifles, SMG, assault rifles, xạ thủ rifles, rocket launchers...Accessories available for weapons khổng lồ help the player khổng lồ customize how to use each one of them.Maps include hidden chests with weapons, survival material, and coins.Monthly and seasonal tournaments for professional players with real cash prizes.Options lớn customize the player"s avatar with all sorts of items & accessories.The develop is 100% open based on the user community"s comments.

To be able khổng lồ enjoy a great gaming experience, you"ll at least need an i5 2400 processor, 6 GB of RAM memory, 10 GB of free space on our hard drive & a graphics card equivalent to lớn an NVIDIA GTX 460 with 2 GB of VRAM or better.