Surprise! Microsoft is launching a full Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows 10 Smartphone, complete with Xbox integration & Realm tư vấn.

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Jez: Are there any hardware restrictions for the W10M version of Minecraft PE? Such as RAM, etc.

Jesse: Nope!

Jez: Any plans to lớn support Continuum on the W10M version for those of us with monitor docks & phones like the HP.. Elite x3?

Jesse: We haven"t announced anything yet, but we are super geeky, & we also have sầu some pretty cool devices và docks we play with. Anything can happen. I wonder if we will vị it or if someone"s add-on will beat us to lớn it?

Jez: This is more for Microsoft Studquả táo, but are you guys working on any other first tiệc nhỏ W10M games that you can tease right now? Minecraft PE is very encouraging.

Jesse: Always stay tuned for exciting announcements on all our premier platforms.

Jez: Finally, will I ever be able to lớn travel into space in Minecraft?

Jesse: You can travel to space today, just create an add-on for it! The vanilla survival experience is always growing và evolving based on exciting ideas from the team và things we notice have become broadly adopted by the community.

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Huge thanks to Jesse Merriam and Microsoft for speaking with us!

While it"s a shame that Windows Phone 8.1 users won"t receive sầu further updates for Minecraft Pocket Edition, it"s encouraging khổng lồ see Microsoft continue with their support of Windows 10 Mobile.

Minecraft continues to be a global phenomenon for Microsoft, inspiring an entire generation of gamers. The addition of Minecraft"s Addons has the potential khổng lồ introduce programming lô ghích lớn millions of youngsters for the first time, as Microsoft looks lớn gaming lớn inspire the next generation of coders.

UWP should ensure Windows 10 mobile users don"t get left out in the cold in the future, & we can only hope that Minecraft: PE arriving on Windows 10 Smartphone is a sign of things lớn come moving forward.

On Thursday, we"ll give away TEN keys for the Windows 10 Mobile version of Minecraft live sầu on our Thursday Beam stream. Head on over & follow our Beam channel and enable tin nhắn notifications to lớn be informed when we go live!