Casual corner: the end of the world


“Shoot it in the head – that works in the movies!” –A survivor who’s about to be very disappointed

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to lớn announce the upcoming release of The End of the World, a new roleplaying game line of horror & survival in humanity’s last days!

Four books 3D The End of the World roleplaying game line. Each of these four books offers a different apocalyptic genre & experience. The first book, Zombie Apocalypse, challenges you to lớn face hordes of undead that rise và stalk the earth, hungry for the flesh of the living. The line continues with Wrath of the Gods, pitting players against a pantheon of supernatural foes intent of destroying humanity. Ranging from the Mayan apocalypse to Cthulhu, the gods return lớn exact terrible vengeance in this book. The third installment in the line is Alien Invasion, giving you the opportunity to lớn battle unknown life forms from beyond our galaxy. You may face a species of conquering warriors, or aliens too small lớn see with the naked eye. Finally, Revolt of the Machines invites you khổng lồ match wits against artificial intelligence. When our công nghệ develops consciousness, even normal people will need to battle giải pháp công nghệ in every size. Each of these books offers a complete self-contained experience, although they nội dung the same rules system. No matter which apocalypse you want lớn explore, you’ll find unending horror and adventure in this roleplaying game.

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Better Me than You

In the majority of roleplaying games, you take on the persomãng cầu of a fictional character – ranging from a elven thief to lớn a half-orc war-mage khổng lồ a human soldier, and beyond. The End of the World line changes all of this by inviting you to lớn play as yourself amidst the tumult of the world’s ending! You’ll use your own physical, mental, & social attributes to create yourself as an in-game character, allowing you lớn come as cthảm bại as you (safely) can to lớn experiencing the apocalypse first-h&. In addition khổng lồ your chosen attributes, you can represent yourself more accurately by imagining positive và negative features. For example, you may have the Long-distance Runner positive sầu feature, but you may also cope with the Extremely Nearsighted negative feature. Another character may have the Natural Leader positive sầu feature, but this could be tempered by the Wants Revenge negative sầu feature.

Since you’re playing yourself in every game of The End of the World, your starting gear is also limited to what you can find cthua thảm at hvà when you sit down to play the game. You could start with a cell phone, but how long will it stay charged? Who knows how long the cash in your wallet will be accepted as viable currency in light of the world’s ending? You might want a good shotgun khổng lồ defkết thúc yourself, but that could mean venturing out of your friend’s apartment. Kitchen knives might be your only available weapons for defending yourself against hordes of ravenous zombies or conquering aliens.

The Beginning of the End

The world can kết thúc in countless ways, and in each of The End of the World books, there are five sầu different scenargame ios for you lớn experience. Because these scenartiện ích ios function like different chiến dịch settings within the same theme, you can enjoy all of these scenarios time and time again. Although each book’s scenarquả táo mô tả the titular theme, there’s plenty of room for variation within the genre. In Zombie Apocalypse, for example, every scenario varies in the origin of the zombies, the government’s response, the timeline of the apocalypse, the ways you can kill the zombies, và countless other details, both large and small. The apocalypse may start with an outbreak of disease, or a sudden earthquake that releases a once-dormant parasite.

Of course, even the panic và terror of the apocalypse can’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll have sầu to lớn cope with the aftermath. Each scenario features a post-apocalypse, illustrating how some semblance of order returns in the shattered aftermath of the apocalypse. No matter how humanity has adapted in order to lớn survive, life in the post-apocalypse is completely different from life before. The post-apocalypse is just as dangerous as the apocalypse itself, presenting entirely different challenges và threats lớn whatever remains of you & your haggard band of survivors. Aliens may enslave sầu the nations, or Norse gods may return to lớn earth to enact the cataclysmic battles of Ragnarök.

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Because of the flexible apocalypse/post-apocalypse scenario structure, your adventures at the kết thúc of the world can vary widely in length. Whether you play a single session that ends in gruesome death for every player, or begin a chiến dịch that stretches from apocalypse khổng lồ post-apocalypse và beyond, every scenario takes you straight to lớn the terror & adventure of the apocalypse.

The End of the World roleplaying game was originally invented by Álvaro Loman and Jose M. Rey. Additional development and thiết kế for the American edition was done by our very own Andrew Fischer và Tyên ổn Flanders, & for more information on The End of the World experience, we turn to lớn Tyên ổn Flanders.

Tim Flanders on The End of the World

For the last several months, I’ve sầu had the pleasure of working on something a little different – a roleplaying game called The End of the World, which begins with Zombie Apocalypse. Each book in The End of the World covers five sầu thematically linked scenartiện ích ios that bring the world as we know it lớn a dramatic kết thúc. The four parts of The End of the World are each dedicated lớn a beloved apocalypse genre that has inspired countless movies, books, comics, & stories. You can experience these apocalypses with any tone, whether you choose khổng lồ play a light and humorous version of the over times, or embrace the horror that surrounds the over of life as we know it.

Obviously, the first book, Zombie Apocalypse, covers the much-loved brain-eating undead. One of the great things about starting with this particular form of the apocalypse is the amazing depth of narrative sầu & sheer quantity of truyền thông media on the subject. The amount of material available for inspiration is nearly endless, & I think the scenargame ios we’ve included in this book sum up the most exciting elements of the genre. trò chơi Masters will be able lớn dive sầu headlong inlớn their favourite themes & tropes from zombie horror. In this book, we’ve got everything from shambling, brain-hungry undead khổng lồ tireless, sprinting rage zombies. There are infections, radiation, parasites, & even voodoo magic!

Of course, the other major theme that runs through the entire game line is that the players get to lớn explore và experience these world-ending events as themselves. This is, hands down, the most exciting part of this game for me. The idea of playing through an apocalyptic (and eventually post-apocalyptic) scenario with my friends, in my trang chủ town, definitely adds a pretty chất lượng thrill khổng lồ the game.

I think people are going lớn be very excited about this new game line we’re working on, and I can’t wait lớn hear what kinds of stories your group comes up with as you make your way through The End of the World!


The End Is Nigh

Thanks, Tim!

The day of the dead rising is quickly approaching. It’s up khổng lồ you to ensure that you survive sầu the apocalypse. For more information on the other books in The End of the World line, visit the description page.

Prepare for hordes of zombies to lớn over the world with the release of Zombie Apocalypse in the fourth quarter of năm trước, và look for the rest of the books in The End of the World game line khổng lồ be released at a later date!