With season 10 imminent, here's a recap of what happened last time on The Walking Dead. Spoilers ahead...

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By Louisa Mellor | September 30, 2019 | | Comments count:0

This Walking Dead article contains spoilers.

The Walking Dead season 9 was all about the battle lớn achieve Carl’s dream of rebuilding civilization and the many set-backs that threatened that ikhuyến mãi. It started with the symbol of an unfinished bridge and ended with a mysterious radio signal hinting at the wider world.

There was a mighty time-jump – first of eighteen months, then of six years. In that time, the community leaders fell out for reasons undisclosed, & Sanctuary and The Kingdom fell inlớn disrepair, perhaps forever. Now only Hilltop và Alexandria remain.

With the threat from Negan neutralized, a new big bad arrived in the khung of Samantha Morton’s Altrộn và her group of Whisperers – living people wearing the skins of Walkers và travelling inside herds, steering them lượt thích cattle from within. 

Characters were lost. Many characters. Rick, Maggie, & Jadis/Anne all left but didn’t die. Thanks khổng lồ Altrộn, others — including Jesus, Tara, Enid, & Henry — departed the show in a much more permanent way. A new group arrived — Magmãng cầu, Yumiko, Connie, Kelly, & Luke. Carol grew her hair out, & most important of all, Daryl got a dog. He named it Dog.

With season 10 fast approaching, here’s a recap of everything you need lớn remember from last time around:

The Goodbye Riông xã Grimes Miniseries (episodes one khổng lồ five)

Eighteen months after Riông chồng beat Negan và the Sanctuary surrendered, all is not well in the new civilization. Maggie can’t forgive Rick for keeping Negan alive & locked up in a cell, và she’s not the only one with a problem. Oceanside resents the former Saviors who executed their men and boys và have been picking them off one by one. Gregory resents Maggie for ousting him from power in a Hilltop election và tries khổng lồ have her murdered, but he is caught và hanged as a result. A good portion of the Saviors resent the King, the Widow, & Rick, and are missing the good life under Negan. 

It doesn’t help that the ex-Saviors are hungry, and Hilltop is unhappy about having khổng lồ shore them up with their own supplies. When Riông chồng tries to lớn bring the communities together to build a literal bridge, tensions flare. Michonne tries to lớn help by drawing up a charter for the communities to lớn sign, bringing the rule of law baông xã inlớn the characters’ lives. 

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It’s not all bad news. Carol has found a family with new husb& Ezekiel & their adopted son Henry. Jerry and Hilltop gardener Nabila have paired up. Riông chồng and Michonne are living with Judith in a rebuilt Alexandria with souvenirs of Carl around the house. Temporarily, Anne (formerly Jadis of the Scavengers) hooks up with Gabriel, but that ends when she kidnaps him khổng lồ offer up to her mysterious helicopter contacts. Her conscience overrides her và she eventually lets Gabriel go.

Attempting to lớn lead a large herd of Walkers away from his people, Riông xã Grimes is thrown from his horse & seriously injured. He sacrifices himself to lớn save sầu Alexandria by blowing up the bridge they were building lớn stop the Walkers from crossing it, an sự kiện witnessed by Michonne, Daryl, & the others. However, Rick doesn’t die, he’s rescued by Anne/Jadis, who radios her helicopter contacts & tells them that he is a “B” (despite marking hyên as an “A” in season seven), whatever that means. She & Riông xã are taken away by helicopter và not seen again.

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After the Time Jump (episodes six lớn sixteen)

Six years later, Kingdom is falling apart at the seams và Sanctuary is an abandoned wastel&. Only Alexandria and Hilltop remain, và in the time past, their leaders have fallen out severely over an undisclosed sự kiện. Carol is fiercely protective of Henry (unbeknownst to lớn her adopted son, she burns a group of former Saviors alive when they threaten và steal from them), & unwillingly takes hyên to Hilltop to lớn train as a blacksmith.

Judith Grimes is around 10 years old & now has a little brother, RJ, by her dad và Michonne. She brings a group of survivors baông xã to lớn Alexandria (Magna, Yumiko, Connie, Kelly, and Luke) but Michonne is suspicious and refuses to let them stay, instead taking them to Hilltop. Maggie has taken her son & left to go with Georgie, the woman who swapped “The Key” instructions for rebuilding sustainable civilisation for records in season 8. Jesus was voted Hilltop leader in Maggie’s stead, but is uncomfortable in the role, preferring life on the road. 

Daryl split from the group immediately after Rick “died” & has spent the last years surviving alone in the woods looking for Rick’s corpse, with only his dog for company. He và Michonne both have sầu a mysterious X-shaped scar on their backs, which we later learn was received when Michonne welcomed an old frikết thúc và her group of children into lớn Alexandria, who then robbed them, kidnapped their children, branded Michonne & Daryl, and tried khổng lồ kill Judith và the other Alexandrian kids. Michonne saved Judith by slaughtering the child assassins while heavily pregnant with her & Rick’s son. The whole sự kiện left her fiercely protective sầu và suspicious of outsiders, explaining her attitude to lớn the newcomers.

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During a fight with a group of Walkers, Jesus is killed by a Whisperer – a thành viên of Alpha’s gang who disguise themselves aý muốn the dead. To find out more about the new enemy, Michonne and Daryl take a Whisperer hostag. She turns out to be teenager Lydia, the daughter of The Whisperers’ leader, who insists that Lydia only gọi her Altrộn và psychologically & physically abuses her daughter khổng lồ make her “stronger.” Henry and Lydia khung an immediate attachment và, when Lydia is returned to Alpha, Henry follows them & is almost killed but then rescued by Daryl and Connie.

In the meantime, Euren tries lớn declare his love sầu khổng lồ Rosita, but she’s in love sầu with Gabriel & pregnant by Siddiq following some no-strings fun, so they stay friends. Gabriel decides to lớn stay with Rosita & help lớn raise the baby. 

Lydia is granted asylum by the group leaders, và welcomed to lớn the trade fair organized by Ezekiel as a symbol of cooperation between the various communities. The leaders all sign Michonne’s charter, which Ezekiel has kept safe all these years in the hope of reconciliation after their undisclosed major fallout. All is well and the communities celebrate their various trades và gather to lớn watch a film.

Meanwhile, Alpha infiltrates the fair disguised as a Hilltop woman &, one by one, draws off ten characters who are then bound & killed by her people, with their reanimated heads left on pikes signifying a border that the other groups are forbidden from crossing. The full các mục of the dead is: Tara; Enid; Henry; Hilltop’s Addy, Rodnemy & Tammy-Rose; Ex-Saviors DJ và Frankie; và Highwaymen (a short-lived new group) Ozzy & Alek. Siddiq was captured too, but is left alive by Altrộn so he can tell the others what happened. Instead of telling a story of defeat và fear though, he tells the crowd an inspiring tale of togetherness – that every member of the kidnapped group fought until the very end lớn protect each other, even though many were strangers.

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Crushed by their loss, with the Kingdom in disrepair, Ezekiel’s group decamps to lớn Hilltop and leave sầu its home behind forever. A snowstorm forces them to cross Whisperer territory, no doubt causing problems with Alpha in the future. While they travel, baông xã at Alexandria, Judith runs off in the snow to look for Dog & almost freezes khổng lồ death but Negan – who has befriended her over the years of talking though his cell window – saves her life (và Dog’s too). He escaped from his cell earlier in the season but, finding the Sanctuary abandoned, decided to lớn return to lớn Alexandria and try to lớn win the group’s trust and become part of them. Michonne thanks hyên ổn for saving Judith, whom he genuinely loves, và begins to thaw a little towards hyên ổn.

Unable to lớn cope with their combined grief over Henry’s death, Carol breaks up with Ezekiel & moves bachồng to lớn Alexandria. In his grief, Ezekiel shows jealousy of Carol & Daryl’s cchiến bại friendship.

Thanks to lớn Euren & Rosita setting up an antenmãng cầu earlier in the season, Hilltop and Alexandria can now communicate by radio. Ezekiel talks lớn Judith over the airwaves, & walks away before we hear a voice crackling through the speaker asking if anytoàn thân is there…