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Kids can play Baby Hazel Newborn Baby trò chơi for free.Life is beautiful. Baby Hazel & her parents are in seventh heaven since the new inclusion to lớn their family. Today mom is returning from hospital và Baby Hazel is eagerly waiting to lớn spend time with her newborn brother, baby Matt. Baby Hazel wants to lớn be a good sister. As she is too young to vày all tasks on her own, she needs your help to lớn take care of her little brother. Help her in setting up the crib for him. Be with her when she plays with him và look after their needs. Then help her to put little brother lớn sleep. Keep her happy by fulfilling all her needs on time.

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This phầm mềm has been updated by táo to display the Watch ứng dụng icon.- Baby Hazel Newborn Baby trò chơi available with a bundle of 5 Newborn Games. Enjoy.- Facility khổng lồ remove Ads is available.

to lớn much adds

This is a fun game but there is way to much adds. Every time I complete a level a add comes on. So can you make it with out adds. I would recommend this game though


I used to lớn only play baby hazel on my moms computer but then one morning I had a idea I decided khổng lồ go on my ipad on the phầm mềm Store and tìm kiếm for baby hazel I was so surprised when I saw many of these games there are there was probably about 40 baby hazel games so now I get baby hazel games on my ipad now

So scary

Her dads a demon just look at him he’s so scary!!!