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The Golden Dragon Water Puppet theatre is one of the best places to lớn witness the magic of Vietnamese water puppetry.The shows offer a fascinating insight inlớn Vietnamese culture và tradition. Puppets perkhung local folktales on a "stage" of water, with live musicians play traditional instruments on the side. Dragons, fairies & all kinds of mystical characters grace the stage.

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If you have a soft corner for music, art and dance, and you find yourself in Ho Chi Minch City, you"re up for a real treat. The traditional Vietnamese water puppet shows held in the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre caters to the demands of the growing popularity of this fascinating art size aý muốn tourists visiting Vietphái mạnh. The theatre displays the amazing talents of highly entertaining puppeteers. This indigenous concept of water puppets never fails to enchant the viewers from their very first encounter. Since water-puppetry is a quality traditional folk art khung và a special Vietnamese creation, UNESCO has recognized it as an intangible cultural heritage of the world.

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Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater Shows

The Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater Includes a Live sầu Orchestra to Accompany the Performance (Source)The water puppet shows in the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre are accompanied by a live orchestra that supports the performances by playing traditional songs và folk music. The singers narrate different stories in a local language, which is incomprehensible by foreign tourists as there is no English commentary. The Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre has a seating capacity of 200, designed by keeping the comfort of the audience in mind.
A Pool is Used as the Stage for Performances at the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater (Source)The puppet show is performed in a pool covering an area of 4-square metres. The surface of the water acts as the stage, & the puppets range from water fairies, farmers, fishes và dragons. The stage is fitted with a modern sound system, props & lighting lớn give the audience the best experience. The art of water puppetry has different characteristics from those relevant in conventional puppetry. The common elements that can be noticed in water puppetry are the theatrical water surface, multiple backdrops, decorated flags, port code and parasol.

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Artists Skilled in Water-Puppetry Manoeuvre the Puppets at the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater, a Trade Secret Passed Down Over Centuries (Source)The working mechanism of water puppet shows has been kept a secret for centuries. Nobody knows how this happens, as the puppeteers are careful in safeguarding this phenomenal illusion. They have their own dialect for communicating with each other & special code words about specific techniques, in case someone is eavesdropping. The way a puppeteer controls the intricate movements of the puppets blindly is the major illusion of these water puppet shows. The puppeteers hide behind a split-bamboo screen decorated in the form of a temple"s facade. They manoeuvre the puppets through a mechanism of long bamboo rods and string that is present beneath the water surface. These performances depict the vital role played by water in all aspects of life. The acts proceed in a sequence, and the audience gets to enjoy many parts of the performance namely Flags festivals, Dragon Dance, Lion Dance, Buffalo baby playing the flute, agriculture, catching the duông chồng và many more. The puppet show is performed entirely in Vietnamese, but the performance is so mesmerizing that you will be able khổng lồ understand and enjoy it thoroughly. This extraordinary art size is very famous và has won many international awards.
Water Puppetry was Used as a Form of Entertainment in North Vietnam, Depicting the Lifestyle and Folklore of the Villagers (Source)It is believed that water puppet shows originated around the Red River Delta region situated in North Vietphái nam all the way baông chồng in the 11th century. The intent of the very first puppet shows didn"t just concern the entertainment of the villagers, but also kept the spiritual beings entertained so that they wouldn"t cause mischief. The earliest stages were built around flooded rice paddies. This wasn"t an appropriate condition for the puppet shows, especially for the puppeteers who regularly suffered from leech bites và swollen leg diseases due lớn standing too long in the dingy water. The essence of these water puppet shows hasn"t altered over the years since its beginning. The typical themes revolved around the deeply rooted rural traditions such as village folklore, planting rice & fishing.Read more about Water Puppetry in Vietphái nam
Water Puppets are Made of Figs and Light-Wood to lớn Float in Water (Source)The water puppets used at the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater are made from figs & light-weighted wood that floats on water. They are shaped with a chisel và hewn inkhổng lồ specific stylized figures. Following that, the puppets are trimmed, polished & decorated with various colours lớn enhance the characters assigned khổng lồ them. Most of the puppets are highly symbolic và shaped in funny và humorous avatars.
Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre is Located in Nguyen Thi Minh Kai Street of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam giới (Source)The Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre stands on 55B Nguyen Thi Phố Minh Khai Street, which is just a 5-minute walk away from Ho Chi Minc City Hall. Visitors can take a cab or motorbike ride from the city hall to reach the theatre. Coming by foot from the city hall, one has to lớn take Le Thanh khô Street and head in the southwest direction toward Nguyen Hue Street. Then, take a right turn at Ta Banh Mi Thit và get onto Truong Dinc. Proceed forward & take another right turn at iTechBlaông xã Coworking Space onto lớn Nguyen Thi Phố Minh Khai Street. Finally, take another right at Cong Ty Kiem Toan & Dv Tin Hoc, pass by Saigon Decor và the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre will be on the right side.
Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam giới (Source)Art has its own way of enticing people, và that is exactly what you get lớn experience by visiting the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre. If you ever plan a trip to lớn Vietphái nam, make sure khổng lồ set aside a slot in your travel itinerary khổng lồ get a glimpse of this ancient Vietnamese art form that has won countless awards across the globe. Kids have a great time at the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre. With that being said, adults can get in touch with their inner child by becoming a part of this colourful festive sầu ambience.
The Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater is open on all days, và begins shows at 5:30 PM.Each act lasts for 50 minutes, incorporating the wonderful talents of performers, lights and sounds. The showtimes are:5:30 PM - 6:20 PM, 6:30 PM - 7:20 PM, 7:45 PM - 8:35 PM

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